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    My Feedback of The Division 2

    I commented on the Review from Skill Up so if you want to know what I'm exactly talking about you may want to watch it. I sometimes agree and sometimes (highly) disagree. However, I wanted to also let the developers know how I liked it so here's what I wrote:

    0:18 - 3:51
    On the first day of the Private Beta (Thursday) everybody I played with including me had dozens of Delta-Errors. On Friday and until Monday nobody had a single Delta-Error anymore. Some others and myself encountered some very minor audio glitches once or twice over the whole beta period. Those glitches did not disturb the gameplay and were kind of "muting" everything. I also noticed some very very few AI bugs but these weren't really "bugging". What I hated the most - and I don't think that's a bug or intentionally implemented to annoy players - is that enemies move exactly when you already aimed at them and pulled the trigger; just like in the first Division.
    I'm on the same side as "The Laymen Brothers" regarding micro-transactions and yes, Ubisoft hasn't said anything yet about that topic but I think they're not as stupid as EA and thus will not put weapons or anything gameplay-changing into "lootboxes" but just cosmetics. If that is true I'm absolutely fine with that.

    If I had to grade "Anthem Demo" and "The Division 2 Private Beta" I'd have to say that Anthem wasn't a Demo but an Alpha. Anthem would get 3/10 and The Division 2 8/10. In Anthem I constantly had "server got shutdown" errors and I wasn't able to finish the stronghold. Those disconnects happened to everybody and approx. once an hour, thus longer missions like the stronghold weren't possible. The Deltas in The Division 2 happened only the first day and only three or four times at max within eight hours.

    3:51 - 7:44
    The Division 2 is built on the same engine but got upgraded. It does support DirectX 12 but doesn't support SLI (yet), neither in DX11 like "The Division" nor in DX12 - I really hope that changes. However, with all graphic options maxed out a single GTX 1080 Ti provides you with nearly constantly 60 fps at 2560x1440. With all options set to the lowest that card pushes constant 60 fps at 7680x1440 (3x 2560x1440 monitors) with an average of 75-ish fps.
    I really prefer that "The Division 2" reminds me of "The Division" since I liked the predecessor. If you hated or liked the first game but now want a "completely different" one, yes you have to buy a completely different game. I'd say it's "The Division 2.0". You immediately feel at home but with much much more customization options than before. Your drone for example has a "battery compartment" which is the name of a mod slot you can put compatible mods into, e.g. "a bigger battery" which will increase the time the drone will be active. Also the modifications for weapons has changed. While you had to craft a given mod over and over to get the desired perks in the first Division you now have to built it only once to unlock the mod slot on all compatible weapons (e.g. 5.56 magazine) and you can use that mod on many weapons concurrently.
    You now can also mod your gear but I think it's too much. You again have sets but now these are limited to three items which means you can have two complete sets (which will give you three bonuses each) or mix as you want - even with one set item you already get a bonus. I like that. The problem begins with end game content because now you not only have to worry about the sets but also about the abilities of the item and additionally about the mods of these items which also have abilities but also requirements like 18.0.000 proficiency points. If you love to have a clipboard next to you that holds some charts with what item has what abilities, mods, its abilities and its requirements then you'll love The Division 2.

    Regarding the Story I again have to compare between Anthem and The Division 2. While I didn't saw that much of the Story in The Division 2 the content I saw in Anthem made me sick and vomitting on my mechanical keyboard. There was one NPC in the bar in Anthem that talked complete non-sense like "Can you help me? There's a woman I like but ..." and my choices were "Be a man, talk to her" and "Be a gentlemen, she probably has a boyfriend" and whatever I chose the NPCs answer was "Wow, that's a great advice. I'll do that. Thank you very much". I mean, he's a decent looking BARTENDER, he shouldn't be shy-ish or asking other customers for such advice. The "Story" went on and turned into "I dated her. She's my women now. I should accept a package for her, should I do that. A guy appeared and searched for that package. I hit that guy, he's dead now." ... to be honest I didn't gave a damn about that dude, his women and whatever he did. The storytelling is just completely weird. <insert "boy that escalated quickly" and "wtf did I just read" meme here>

    I have to say I don't care that much about a story in a multi-player game and I mostly stopped the playback of the voice recordings in the first Division but the Story didn't bother me. It was easy to understand, logical and not too much or too less for my taste. The Story in Anthem was really annoying and is one of the main reasons why I'm not only not going to buy the game but even canceled my Origin Access Premier.

    7:44 - 10:42
    I absolutely agree and can't add anything else.

    10:42 - 13:55
    Again, I completely agree. However I like the DZ and how it changed. Additionally the DZ can now be "overtaken" by NPCs which will also be indicated on the map. I wasn't able to test what that exactly means since it happened in an restricted area (top left DZ) but if I had to guess I'd say there are a lot more NPC enemies (which will be great for loot). I also guess that a DZ gets overtaken if all the landmarks are held by the NPC for a given time. The icon that was shown on the map for that DZ showed the known biohazard icon but now grayed out and in front of it was a red skull and a knife shown. It looked like that DZ went "hardcore" and I can't wait to plow through it with up to three other teammates :)

    13:55 - 17:47
    And here I have to completely disagree with Skill Up - like I already did on Twidda :)
    While it is true that on the first day of the Beta I think everybody had plenty of Delta-errors, those were completely gone for everybody I played with on the second day and onwards. Nobody I played with encountered the problems shown here. I'd blame the "high performance Australian internet" (there's even a meme about it ...) :D
    I run a Core i7-6950X OCed to 4.2 GHz, 64 GB of DDR4 RAM OCed to 3.200 MHz and two GTX 1080 Ti OCed to 2.050 / 6.000 MHz on a Rampage V Edition 10. For sure I have a custom watercooling loop - otherwise that CPU would instantly vaporize. At a resolution of 2560x1440 and with all graphic options maxed out I got 45 fps to 123 fps and an average of 73 fps. Please note that SLI is not working (yet) so the game was using just one graphics card. I had "Reduced Input Latency" and DX12 enabled but also tried DX11 (because of SLI) and here I noticed much lower fps.
    I never experienced any "low fps" bug in missions or the open world except just when I entered the dark zone but unlike in the first Division a small area around these entry and exit points is now protected but automatic turrets which prevents NPCs and Rogues from attacking you.
    I did encounter a single T-Pose NPC and maybe three to four audio glitches over the whole Beta period. I never had any CTDs (Crashes To Desktop) or to restart the game because of lags or other issues.
    The "animation glitch" shown at 15:22 looks to me - who is playing on PC for roughly 29 years and working in IT for nearly 20 years - not like a problem within the game engine but with data packets not being received by either the server or the client. I don't want to blame Skill Up for this but I also can't blame the technical aspect of the game for that as well. Maybe the servers for Australians were ****ty, maybe the internet uplink of these servers or the ISP of Skill Up or maybe his home network or his Windows installation. If that problem would be in the game engine it would have happened to a LOT more people; I know nobody with that problem.
    I have to agree that the UI needs an overhaul. I don't have a problem with those "more buttons around" since these just give you more options to customize the UI in a good way but are not necessary at all. The biggest problem for me is that various mods change the damage you deal but those informations are not shown, e.g. because you're looking at a mod for your knee-pads. That means you have to into a weapon slot, see and memorize the stats, go back, go into knee-pads, open modding, select the mod slot, apply the mod, go back, go back again and finally go into a weapon slot to see the new stats. Hopefully you haven't forgotten your previous stats already.

    17:47 - 21:00
    The chart of Anthem was a pure joke, nobody knew who could start playing at what date. The chart of The Division 2 is rather easy once you want to understand it.
    - Every edition gets you the game. If you pre-order you additionally get access to the private beta, a set of clothes and an ULC (beside Steelbook edition).
    - Every edition beside Standard gets 3-day early access and the Year 1 Season Pass.
    - All Figurine and Steelbook editions gets the steelbook.
    - The Figurine and Ultimate editions get three more sets of clothes.
    - The Firgurine editions gets the soundtrack, map of Washington, Lithographs and a Figurine.

    Everybody (except Standard) gets 3-day early access. Period. Do you care about physical items? No? Ignore Figurine editions. Do you care about cosmetics? No? Ignore Ultimate edition. Want a Steelbook? No? Ignore Steelbook edition.

    Sorry Skill Up but we all know you aren't that dumb that you can't easily understand that chart :)

    Again regarding the loot-boxes and micro-transactions I think Skill Up mixes up both. Loot-Boxes are what we know from Battlefront II where you (could) pay real money to get ingame money which was then used to buy those. These Loot-Boxes contained skills and weapons and cosmetics. These were a huge problem because the content of these changed the strength and skills of a character and thus made it unfair for those who didn't paid and we all know the videos where people showed us the difference between a "non loot-box character" and a "$100 loot-box character".
    Micro-Transactions on the other hand are not a problem >> IF << they're limited to cosmetics ONLY that don't give those who bought them any advantage (like "cloak for 10 seconds" or something like that). In "The Division" there were some clothes sets you could purchase that made your character wear S.W.A.T. or Army clothes. If you prefer looking like that why not?

    Sure, if they're going to sell those nono's I want everybody to unload a huge ****load on them. Until then it's probably to early to start bashing, especially if you consider the Publisher. EA is that greedy bastard who plays mind-tricks and would "play gay" so you like them touching your *** only to get your wallet. Ubisoft is far from that.

    As someone with so much impact on the community Skill Up should be very careful with "The technical side is very worrisome" just because HE had problems but not the majority. It implies the servers or game engine had huge problems but that's not the case. He had problems and he does not know why. Most other players didn't had all the problems he had so it's likely that his location or his home network or computer plays a significant role here.

    Because of the constant "server shutdowns" of Anthem I and most others I play with uninstalled the game on Sunday. We didn't cared about that "special" they promised that should happen at the end of the last day. I also canceled my Origin Access Premier (because without Battlefield V or Anthem it's too expensive). On the other hand I pre-ordered The Division 2 Ultimate edition even though I was disappointed of the first Division right before they turned around and invested a huge amount of money and time to improve the game and add much more content than initially planned.

    I think Anthem will perform as "well" as Battlefield V: below expectations. It's EA and BioWare (Mass Effect: Andromeda anyone?) using the Frostbite-Engine. I loved when it was announced and introduced and until Battlefield 4 it was an amazing engine. Since then it's version 3 and while it may be good for buildings and all artificial surfaces it is really bad for organic ones (humans, animals, grass, trees, etc.). It's probably because EA uses it for everything (FIFA, Madden, Need For Speed, Mass Effect, Battlefield, etc.) so it's a "one for all" thingy. That's not because it's great but cheap.
    The Snowdrop engine was developed for The Division and sure, it isn't the best too but it does a lot more much better (especially organic surfaces) and actually implements DirectX 12 as intended (improving performance). Frostbite on the other hand still has issues today.
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    oh yeah i forgot about that, when you enter the darkzone it lags and drops to 30 fps for about 1 second then everything is normal again.

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    Probably because it unloads the whole "outside" world and loads the whole dark zone so you get smooth gameplay inside the whole zone without the need to load anything while being in there. A typical loading screen would cover that frame drop but since we got rid of them we notice it. Sure, needs to ironed out a bit

    However, I could live with these frame drops since it doesn't affect gameplay at all.
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