Eagerly awaiting launch. This was a nice teaser and I hope you collected the data that you needed to.

I'll preface all of this by saying that I'm the type of player that either solos or plays strictly with a small group of friends. Matchmaking and especially the "an agent needs help", aren't likely going to be used - please give us the option of turning off the latter.

In general we also abhor PvP. I can't state that strongly enough. No game is going to change that opinion, no matter how hard they try. I've heard that there will be more PvE content endgame, I can only hope so. It's not a balancing problem, I cannot envision a PvP system that would be enjoyable. It's not exciting, it's frustrating. I realize I'm among the minority in saying that.

Missions, Side Missions, world events
On the whole, I enjoyed all of them. Yes, some of them were more tough than others, especially solo. But none of them were unbeatable with a little experience/practice, despite initial impressions.

As many have commented, the grenade/drone/RC spam by the enemy were a bit much. It seems to me that they need to be limited by similar cooldowns as we are.

As some have commented, the repetition of select phrases was a bit much. At least give them 4-5 things that they randomly rotate through or something, probably too late at this stage of development, though.

Again, as others have commented, deploying a turret took too long before placement options became available (similarly with grenades if I recall, though not as much.) I both like and dislike the more "interaction needed" varieties. The assault turret seemed to have a good balance between general protection and being able to override with specific targets. Sniper variety - useless (see below). Healing drone - nice to have. Bombardier variety - tough to control. Seeker mine - a step backwards from TD1. Air-burst - hmm, what's the difference again?

I'm going to reserve a bit of judgement on the new mod system. Having a mod that has negatives doesn't, at this stage of experience, seem like a good thing.

Endgame mission
I didn't have much time in end game, but it doesn't seem possible solo. Even with 2 we needed several "learning experiences" and mid-mission restarts. I'm not asking for a cake-walk, but it seemed a bit much. Then again, we also skipped the whole 7->30 progression, so maybe having gone through that might have helped. I do hope that we get Easy/Medium/Hard/Impossible mission settings and the option to repeat them.

I get that the specialized weapon is meant to be some sort of an "ultimate" ability, but it seemed incredibly difficult to restock ammo for it. (To the point that one used a regular sniper rifle as opposed to the specialized one - seems a bit of a waste)

Crossbow. The delay after the arrow hits just gives the enemies too long to run out of the red zone. I'd request that you consider an immediate explosion like the grenade launcher, or make the radius larger, otherwise it seems geared to just get people out of cover rather than killing them. I was really hoping that this would be a "silent but deadly" option, since sniper isn't, but alas, no.

I have to question the sniper specialization. This game does not believe in long-range, hidden shooters. The enemy will do everything that they can to get you out of cover (see above wrt grenade/drone/RC spam.) As it stands, I also question the sniper turret. I'm not the only one that believes its range is just too short. And if I understood the mechanics correctly, you have to break cover to aim it. Hmm, breaking cover... for a cover-based shooter, this game is a bit of a paradox.

To me, the strength of a sniper is not the "this bullet can go through walls and still kill you" aspect of it, it's the "where the heck did that shot come from?" I'm no expert, but I don't think real-world snipers are going to be running from cover to cover because the enemy knows precisely where they are after the first shot. Then again, a sniper isn't going to be taking down as many enemies in as short a time as is needed by this game, either. So I get that there isn't going to be a true sniper.

12x scope - not a fan of the new auto-aim mechanism, but in this game I think the rifle is going to be needed vs a true sniper.

With the enemies knowing precisely where you are, even after just sending out a drone or seeker mine (how, exactly do they do that?) and rushing you, the notion of being a sniper, as I've said, needs to be questioned. It seems to me that this game is giving strong preference to a run and gun play style. Not that TD1 wasn't like that, I just feel that with the improved AI flanking you all the time, it's even more so now.

Std. Disclaimer: These are one person's opinions, opinions will vary.
As I started out with, I'm eagerly awaiting launch.