There seems to be an issue with how enemy scaling works when more players are in a squad. This seems to conflict with the direction of the game that is being suggested from the dev blogs. A very important marketing aspect of this game was that enemies were not massively bullet spongy like the division 1 in general. For the most part, this is true, as the tankier enemies are supplemented with physical armor.

I will say that I have experimented all of the missions on hard/normal with 1,2,3, and 4 squad sizes. The problem is more apparent when the party size is 3 or more. Not only is armor hp scaled to eat up insane amounts of focused fire, but so is the base red health pool. This makes every enemy take several magazines to put down. It also ruins the potential of certain weapons that have small magazine sizes. SMG's are one class of weapons that suffer greatly from this scaling, as the amount of magazines required to put down a single standard enemy require a lot of time to reload. As a result this forces weapons with a much larger magazine to be much more favorable, and leaves the other weapon classes in the dust as they just don't perform well anymore.

I tried all of the weapons to get a feel of which ones are most effective in this scenario. By far, the most favorable were the lmg's. This is because they had large magazines, great damage, and also a very nice suppression utility for providing cover. Sniper rifles were a close second and only if you get head shots (which makes sense). Tube-fed shotguns (not magazine based) were also decent against most enemies (except elites, regardless of armor). Smg's were too weak with too low magazine capacities to be of much use. Multiple magazines would be needed to take down a single red enemy, which leaves you vulnerable from reloading very often.

While i do agree with enemy scaling, it does need to be tuned down drastically. It would be best if the scaling acted as a secondary difficulty modifier which has a small impact. Instead I propose a different scaling system. I'm not saying all of these changes should be implemented, they are merely considerations to choose from in no particular order or precedence.
  1. Increase the rate/chance of regular enemies to be replaced as special enemies.
  2. Increase the rate/chance of regular/special enemies to be replaced as veteran/elite enemies.
  3. Have special enemies use their skills more often. A possible implementation would be a formula which deducts from the enemy skill cool downs based on #players. Similar to how health scaling works, this would be skill frequency scaling.
  4. Remove red health scaling, but keep armor scaling (reduced).
  5. If armor scaling is removed, then this would apply. Enemies with armor can be able to repair portions of their armor on cool down. The amount and cool down scales with players. Perhaps max repair = #players * 10%/total armor. This repair applies to all of their pieces on their body.
  6. Remove all hp scaling, but scale enemy damage dealt to players up. This would make stray enemies to players more dangerous and emphasize cover, positioning, and tactical play with the team.

All this being said, I really did love the beta and the direction its heading in!

P.s. I am a software engineer (student) and would love to help with any of these if there's any way i can!