Disclaimer: this post was from a console user’s perspective, a PC player’s experience was probably much different than mine.

Let me preface this by saying that sniping unscoped felt great in the beta, even better than in the first game. However, sniping when scoped was not nearly as crispy. I did not like the ADS system that forced a player to enter their scope. I noticed this was only the case some of the time, as a 4x zoom Acog scope allowed me to aim with my standard crosshair in addition to the scope, while the 12x zoom scope did not. The transition animation between pulling up your gun and automatically scoping in was not very smooth, and prevented me from getting a quick shot off in many situations. Tracking moving targets through a scope with a controller is also difficult, as a player simply cannot turn as fast as with a mouse, nor can he or she make fine adjustments as easily. I used the 12x scope on my MMRs throughout all of The Division, as they allowed me to hit heads and other body parts sticking out of cover easily, but in most cases I roughly set up my shot through the standard crosshair before scoping in because it meant I had to do less fine-tuning while in the scope. Not having this option makes sniping unnecessarily difficult, as target tracking becomes twice as hard and much less smooth due to the animation. Not having a variable aim option means that most players are forced to choose between taking advantage of the accuracy a high zoom scope provides, or having a smooth aiming experience, both of which were staples of MMRs in the first game. Adding optional zoom to all scopes will preserve the good feel of long range combat in the game, while ensuring aiming with MMRs and rifles is not unwieldy and clunky.

Similarly, there needs to be a second sensitivity setting for scope sensitivity in addition to aim sensitivity. I like playing with a high aim sensitivity, but this made high zoom scopes almost uncontrollably fast. To use the 12x zoom scope, I had to choose between a sensitivity that felt good for my MMR or secondary, which meant that one of my guns felt very awkward to use at all times. Taking the scope off the MMR alleviates this issue, but this causes the same problems that not having an optional zoom causes: a player has to choose between precision for the MMR and a crispy aiming experience. A scope sensitivity setting was in the first game and needs to be added to TD2 to allow players to have good control over aiming, no matter the weapon’s zoom.

Both of these problems plagued the Sharpshooter specialization, as it has a forced high zoom scope. In the beta, I ultimately decided on using a reflex sight on my snipers and a high sensitivity to get equal value from both my weapons, so the 50 cal sniper felt very awkward to use. I really like the recon drone exclusive to the sharpshooter, but not getting good value from my signature weapon made me question it it was the right choice, considering the power of the grenade launcher and crossbow. Adding both optional zoom to the 50 cal and in-scope sensitivity to the settings will make the gun feel much better, no matter what other weapons the player is using.

TLDR: Make scoping in optional for all weapons with scopes and add a separate scope sensitivity in addition to the aim sensitivity to improve the feel and usability of scopes and the 50 cal sniper