Division 1 experience of 1700hrs patch 1.5 and up.
Estimated total Beta play time 20hrs. The majority solo, approximately 6 hrs grouped with an additional other player (same region of the US as me, same time zone). All PVE Level 1-7 multiple missions and control points, some endgame.

Multiple bugs which have been detailed elsewhere by others. For me:
- crashing back to the main menu a number of times.
- Sound and event mismatch, such as seeing subtitled NPC talk but not being able to actually hear them.
- Sound and gunfire mismatch.
- Complete loss of sound. I spent an entire play session with my buddy without game sound which did make the game a little bit more difficult.
- I was able to consistently fall halfway through the floor when I entered into cover during this first main mission by the doorway when proceeding to the roof. This was later replicated in a side mission while playing with an additional player. Firing reticle did drop down as well. Was able to be fixed by exiting out of cover.
- Teleporting NPC, on example where NPCs where able to teleport up to an elevated position even with the rope not being able to be used
- Encounters bugged because NPCs were stuck behind doors.
- Other player movement can be bugged. One example of which I have a video clip of is my buddy appearing to swim in mid air while he was in his inventory. Additional example of the same player appearing to move about in a crouched position as if he was still in cover.
- Skills sometimes unable to be deployed. I was not able to consistently replicate this, but when it occurred I also was unable to fire my equipped weapon. Was able to exit this animation stuck mode by switching weapons and then going back to skill deployment.

Additional notes
- Please fix the incoming grenade stagger from the Black Tusk grenadiers, was the same problem as with the LMB grenadiers in Div 1.
- Resources once discovered aren't consistently identified on the map
- Equipment container once discovered aren't noted on the map
- The number of trinkets are extensive but their value and utility are low. Would be nice if you could actually do something with them in some useful fashion (rope seems like it could be useful)
- Why I can't I harvest the deer for food?
- The gameplay action with the forced scopes feels terrible, especially with a bolt action.
- If you choose to have negative stats on the weapon mods these should scale with level, as it stands earlier on it makes zero sense to equip as the penalties outweigh any potential benefits from whatever brand set you manage to put together. Example: the D+H brand set adds 7 crit chance, yet equipping a mod (I forgot which one) results in a -20% crit chance, that is punitive and takes away from the enjoyment of building your kit. I have heard that this will be made less punitive in the future. Please do so, it should feel fun to mod your weapon.
- I appreciate the concept of being able to manually target a skill, however in practice this is more difficult to pull off. Examples, the bombardier drone was not very useful. Another example, I had a difficult time consistently being able to heal my buddy with a fixer drone.
- The crossbow specialization could use a buff
- The automatic equipping of special ammo such as high velocity rounds or explosive rounds is annoying and removes player choice from the equation as in I had to run around with my secondary weapon simply because I didn't want to use those special rounds just yet. I understand it is an attempt to replicate the consumables from Div 1 but it subtracts from player power and choice.
- Crafting economy early on is quite expensive, as it meant I had to scavenge for a significant period of time just to be able to have enough raw materials (protective equipment) just to be able to craft one gear piece. I do hope this improves by the end game even when you activate the deconstruction perks.

Menu notes
- The menu UI needs a lot of work from a usability standpoint. It is not efficient and does not use the space well, looks pretty but that isn't helpful.
- A larger font would be helpful. I already enabled this in the main menu which helped a bit
- Not exactly a bug but annoying none the less, when in the BOO at the crafting table, the engineer NPC would keep flitting into view while looking through the crafting menu.
- Further menu related oddities, when the character is looking through the inventory his model constantly flips from one to two positions. This also occurs when another player is in their menu and you can watch them flip back and forth.
- Extra steps involved to share equipment
- When glancing at a player on your team, difficult to see what they have equipped skill wise.
- When inspecting another player on your team all of his equipment appeared to be level 1
- Ability to rename loadouts
- When the inventory is in grid mode it can be difficult to tell which item is actually equipped at a glance.
- Why the delay when opening a cache, please remove the spinning wheel animation. This is not a roulette wheel.

Overall has a lot of potential and I appreciate the thought and quality of life improvements that have been made. I enjoyed the beta.