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    High lander kick tracker and suggestions

    I feel higher lander need little work but i would like to see when you fake a heavy into a kick or kick into grab it does not track. Example is if you're in a 1 vs 1 and they tend to side step a lot if i fake a heavy and they dodge my kick should follow them and not miss reason why its a fake out its like when you fake heavy they throw a heavy and a kick come out for free easy kick. I feel personally when you 1 vs 1 as high lander you're almost guaranteed to catch them with one kick or kick into grab if fake out kick into grab tracks a fake heavy into kick or kick grab should track not just go straight forward, i mostly use that move vs kensai and assassins who keep their distance and side step a lot beside that i think maybe slight increase on his light attack would be nice because it sucks going vs turtle that parry every light or run and wait for offensive stance to interrupt fake outs or rush for free light attack combos .

    Also i think peace keeper could also use a buff as i started to pratice her and feel she little slower compared to others and is too squishy of a hero and vs higherlander two hits is pretty much game over.

    I feel raider should use slight buff on light attack and heavy attack speed or some type of buff

    Also i think the older heroes might need slight buffs to keep up with newer ones
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    Also i would love to see alot of work focused on connection and combat system because their are time my lag is at 10 and i light attack show really slow and heavy attack even slower so it bit easier to parry them and then their are time where light are attack are way too quick to predict
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    By fake heavy to kick i mean mid way as youre throwing heavy attack press guard break button and he will kick or grab or kick into grab depending on what your method of combat at the momment
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