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    Divine heroes event screen bug

    Please ignore my previous post the autocorrect made it weird. When I enter the event screen on my iPad Pro the screen touch is disabled and I canít get the rewards. Please help me get the rewards and fix the bug. Thank you.
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    Same here

    Touch disabled when I enter divine heroes event, canít get the rewards or out of the page, this happens on iPad Pro and iPhone 8. Please help!
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    Divine Heroes Bug

    I am having the same problem:
    For some reason, when I go to collect my reward, a "Cartman" tutorial hands pops up, prompting me to press a button that doesn't exist. Since this function will not allow me to press anything else besides this nonexistent button, I have to manually restart the game, and thus cannot collect my rewards.
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    Game is broken

    I have the same problem except now that the event is over, it keeps popping up telling me to collect my rewards (without responding). And now I can't play the game...
    User: backfootbandit
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    Not working at all

    Now I also canít play at all because the touch is disabled in the event and it pops at the game start. My user is idan.tz
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    Not working

    I canít access the game because of this glitch. Please fix this and let me get my rewards my username is ItsCheezey
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    Canít play the game

    It keeps on popping up with the event whenever I load up the game and I canít click off it or collect my reward. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but that hasnít worked and I have also logged out and back into my Game Center account. Please can you fix this my account name is £matt02!
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    Same here. Cannot collect rewards, access the game or do anything but force close it. Android on Samsung Galaxy tablet.
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    I'm having exact same problem. Just started getting in tho this.
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    The same story, can not collect rewards and play. Oneplus 6t
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