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    score to beat bar going down instead of up

    Hi. Please help me.

    When i ride space jump the my score to beat is 29556. But when i do jump the round cirkel with x1 x2 x3 x4 stuff goes up and when i hit 4 it goes down to 1 again and this is making sixduble rodeo 3420 make 2000 points. I do that challenge to make xp faster but cant when i only get bronze. My friends dont have this problem and i want to know if someone know how to fix it or if they have the same problem please help me

    Thanks for the time

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    The circle is the multiplier meter. When you get the circle to go up you will see a "x1" or "x2" inside the circle. This means your score will now generate with a "x1" or "x2" active multiplier. The maximum you can earn is x4 multiplier. You can get the meter to fill up by riding close to rocks and trees etc. If you crash your multiplier will be reset. Hope this helps you.
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    Thanks. But its like when i take the space jump Challenge its going up but when i hits 4 it goes back to 1. All of this is happening in the air and i makes me trip becouse i use it to get xp fast
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