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    Discussion: 3rd Person models vs 1st Person Perspective


    So, the recent demonstration of how Cav is able to break her model from the player perspective, plus instances like the above in game, has all highlighted what is a tricky issue in Siege.

    In this game, the 1st person view we see, of our character, has very little to do with the actual character in the world. Think of a character up against a wall. Their 3rd person model will hold the weapon in such a way to prevent clipping, but the 1st person model doesn't show it at all.

    While the current system works for 80% of situations, as we can see in the above clip, Caviera, and headglitching that there are enough situations FREQUENTLY enough that we should discuss and look at how to tweak and improve the current system.

    For a game all about precise angles and what not, players separating their view from their characters is a significant issue.
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    You raise some good points, Mad_Dog.

    I know the team is currently investigating the issue highlighted with Caveira, I'd be happy to pass along other examples of issues with models to help expand upon that.
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