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    Private Beta Patch Notes, 2019-02-09


    During today's maintenance we will be deploying the following fix:

    - Fixed an issue where players could experience performance degradations and crashes after prolonged play sessions. Note that following this fix some players might experience sound issues after prolonged play sessions and will need to restart the game to resolve them.
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    Great! Will be testing this as soon as update finishes 👍
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    Have you fixed Friend invites to the beta? or can we get any comment on this? my friends have their beta's accepted but they do not have the option to download the game on their Uplay game launcher.
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    Heh, odd. Last night I had no performance issues, but in the middle of our 4 1/2 hr play session I did lose gunshot sound audio. If I have performance issues today I got the backwards patches.
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    How about fixing the delta-03 so we can play more then 30 sec
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    is this a fix for the memory leaks or something else ? and the audio is already gone in heavy fights before this patch
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    I am getting a ‘Uniform-01’ error, what might be causing this?
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    Hi guys. Just wondering if you'll are aware of the graphic pop in problem that a lot of players have been experiencing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsrYBMyagJk …. It's pretty overwhelming
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    I did have the delta-03 since day 1 ....I changed ethernet port back on my pc ...I have two for some reason and now its working i have logged in and out for 5 times with out the Delta-03 error
    could just be luck but i hope i stay connected lol
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