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    Game not playable on Linux (Wine) because of an the used EasyAntiCheat configuration

    I am fully aware that I do not meet the minimum system requirements because my operating system is not officially supported, please just lend me one minute to explain something as quickly as possible.

    When the game starts, EasyAntiCeat requests a file. This process is logged in the file loader.log in the "Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Private Beta" folder.

    My file content looks like this:

    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Loader initialized.
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] [Connection] Connecting to URL: https://download.eac-cdn.com/api/v1/games/235/client/wine64/download/?uuid={some UUID}
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Download Progress: 0%.
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Download Progress: 0%.
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Download Progress: 0%.
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Download Progress: 0%.
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] [Connection] Connect result: SSL connect error (35) Response Code: 0 Destination IP:
    [2019.02.07-19.18.35] Connection to the Content Distribution Network failed! Curl Code: 35.

    The problem is that the url contains the phrase "wine64", a directory which is probably empty on the easy-anti-cheat server-end. For Windows users it says win64.
    Easy Anti Cheat will always detect Wine, and there is a very easy solution for my problem: could Ubisoft please contact EasyAntiCheat and tell them to add the Wine functionality? This is not a joke, and no big deal, other developers asked for it before and they got exactly what they asked for. Easy Anti Cheat did develop this functionality already, it just needs to be added to EasyAntiCheat server instances (it's not on by default).

    It would not degrade the experience of Windows users a single bit, and would mean a lot Linux users interested in this game. I'm as much interested in a fair and cheater free gaming experience as most other players.

    Without this file downloaded, the screen stays black and the game content is not accessible at all.

    I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / Wine 4.1 staging.
    The rest of my system does meet the minimum system requirements: i7-4770k, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
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    i second this request
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    I've got the exact same problem. The game did load fine on the first try, audio and videos did run normal until the game needed a restart because of an update.
    Please fix this, i would love to buy & play the game.
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    Thirding with a request to support wine builds of EAC. Lots of other games have supported wine builds of EAC and they're not infested with hackers using Linux to somehow get around the protections. That includes Battlefield 5, which runs perfectly using Proton.
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