Kindly find below the current list of known issues for the Private Beta:

Last updated: February 9th

[Performance] Significant performance drops and potential crashes after long play sessions.
Workaround: Restart the game
[Performance] Potential crash when approaching the White House causing players to be unable to progress the mission.
Workaround: Delete your character.
[Performance] FPS drops when capturing DZ landmarks with large player groups.
[Performance] Potential crash when going idle inside the Clan Quarters.

[Graphical] Rendering issues may occur in cutscenes and when moving quickly through the open world.
[Graphical] Low LoD models might be shown after fast travelling.
[Graphical] Props located in settlements may disappear after watching cutscenes.
Workaround: Fast travel to the settlement or restart the game.

[Audio/Subtitles] Some sounds may stop playing during gameplay sessions.
[Audio/Subtitles] The intro cinematic may be missing audio on Xbox One.
[Audio/Subtitles] Deconstruct audio plays when item is marked as junk.
[Audio/Subtitles] Some voice overs is missing and the player will only see subtitles.
[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles is missing for some voice overs.
[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles are missing in some echos.

[UI] Missing UI elements when spawning after having disconnected a controller during the intro cutscene.
Workaround: Open & close the map.
[UI] GPS line guides the player towards a locked gate after having reached the White House lawn.
Workaround: When facing the gate, turn left and continue towards the White House.
[UI] The PvP mode Conflict’s victory screen does not appear.
[UI] Specializations tutorial does not show keyboard key prompts on PC.
[UI] “No weapon equipped in this slot” is incorrectly displayed when switching to a sidearm if the 2nd primary weapon slot is empty.
[UI] Skill stats display incorrect normalized values.
[UI] “Dropped Loot” UI prompt may be displayed incorrectly when in the Dark Zone.
[UI] The PC chat window and the notification window overlap.
[UI] Some menu icons have missing textures.

[NPC] Rusher enemies do not take melee or headshot damage.
Workaround: Shoot them in the torso.
[NPC] Audio and animations may be out of sync when NPC’s put out the fire outside of the Base of Operations.
[NPC] Enemies may fly through the air when dropping down from ledges.
[NPC] Enemies may sometimes display slowed down animations.
[NPC] Enemies may slide during their animations.
[NPC] Weapons may be misaligned when being held by some enemies.
[NPC] Enemies might complete their animations after having died.
[NPC] Enemies may despawn when approached if other activities are started.
[NPC] Enemies may sometimes not leave their spawn rooms.

[Gameplay] Interacting with objects does not work correctly while in cover.
[Gameplay] Players might encounter incorrect animations when interacting with props.
[Gameplay] Group members may briefly freeze in place during gameplay.
[Gameplay] “Call for backup” does not work when matchmaking.
[Gameplay] The gates of the Base of operations social space may become locked when leaving a group.
Workaround: Re-enter the social space and try again.
[Gameplay] The Base of Operations Quartermaster may not be present after having completed the Grand Washington Hotel Mission.
[Gameplay] “Outside Playable Area” may be displayed when walking through foliage and props.
[Gameplay] Players are unable to take cover behind some objects in the open world.
[Gameplay] Player may get stuck when navigating some corners or over some props.
Workaround: Fast travel anywhere.
[Gameplay] “Donate all junk” to Projects is not functional.
[Gameplay] Character can begin to levitate when standing still behind cover for an extended period of time at certain locations.

[Open World] An invisible wall prevents players from accessing loot in the parking lot at 15th St NW and G St NW

[Missions] Towards the end of Grand Washington Hotel Mission, the NPC’s voiceover may not start.
Workaround: Wait near the NPC’s and the mission will progress.
[Missions] Unable to complete the NZ09 Rescue Operation due to missing hostages.
[Missions] If all players in a group die dimultaneously outside the Invaded mission zone, they will be unable to respawn.
Workaround: Restart the game.

[Weapons] The Nemesis sniper rifle does not function on hip fire. [Weapons] Restorative talent description states “+10% health”. Correct functionality is “+10 health on kill”.

[Skills] Placeholder information is shown on the backpack of the Demolitionist character.
[Skills] Skill items may appear blurry in the Quartermaster’s menu.

[Localization] Notification window does not localize after language change.
Workaround: Restart the game or fast travel.
[Localization] The skill mods video is only available in English.
[Localization] Some in-game text is missing localization in certain languages.
[Localization] The NPC Manny has placeholder voice overs in French.

[Other Inverted controller axis does not work on the map.
[Other] Some characters in cutscenes are missing facial animations.
[Other] The Base of Operations tutorial may pop up late if the Manny cutscene is skipped.
[Other] Frame rate caps at 60 FPS with V-Sync OFF.
[Other] PC Benchmark mode is not functional in the Beta.