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    Types of GOOD/GREAT Ghost War players

    Greetings Ghosts,

    Before I've had a thread about bad players and get quite a bit of mutual frustrations as well. But today, I would like to list the good players, the ones that will help you win the match or at least put up a good fight and no ********.

    1. The Hacksaw Ridge guy

    Kudos to this guy. No matter what, he will always find a way to revive you and your mates, bring balance to the match. This is not to be mixed up with medic drone to only revive for points and don't care about your body being camped. This guy, he moves, he waits for the right moment so that he does not expose himself, making it a 2v4. Or when we got the recon tower, he doesn't join the hunt yet, he revives you and then all 4 join the hunt. Kudos man, for real.

    2. The bait

    Mostly play as the Enforcer or Tank, they draw out the enemy, focus all the attention on them so that you can flank. They must also be good in firefights given being exposed and still alive.

    3. Deadshot

    I swear, these guys, they almost never miss. We heard a shot or few shots, someone in our team dies. And we could not figure where the shot came from. Fire again, someone else dies.

    4. The Adapter

    When the team already has 2 drones, 1 marksman, the last guy will pick Assault. Or 2 assaults, 1 marksman, even 3 assaults, he will take the drone. He will make sure the team has all necessary elements to win the game. He is also very tactical, never use the same trick twice.

    Feel free to add more to the post. Thanks.
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    Nice post, because I'm not 3 or 4 I try to be 1or 2.
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    I'm always the first to sacrifice myself on recon tower. I can't shoot worth a damn but I'm widely regarded in my own mind as the greatest team player in Ghost Recon history. At the same time I am also the all time record holder for abandoned match penalties.
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    Nice post.
    Iím more 1, 3 and 4 (of course I consider myself a pretty decent sniper, especially on the new account as I predominantly use Sniper class instead of Sentinal (cos we gotta first love ourselves to love anyone else)).

    I donít agree with drones and therefore donít use them, but balance is key and itís good to be good all round with all classes (except drones, boo drones!)
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    Yeah, boo drones..

    So, I've thought about this and I'm struggling to come up with good players, lol. Says something doesn't it.

    I once, just once had a guy put mines on my position on institute. That's a great player.

    I like guys that get binoculars on my position as I flank, that's such a simple thing but really works. Or occasionally sentinel will satcom someone else's position.

    I've never see anyone use enforcer properly besides me, and I've never had surgeon heal or revive me, but I've done it loads.

    I also didn't use drones before the challenges, but I use guerilla now because it's hard. And doesn't feel like cheating.

    I guess some echelon and diversonist try to be helpful with their pings, but I mostly just think, why don't you go and kill them?

    This thread has mostly been enlightening because it's proven how rare great players are, because high KDR doesn't mean greatest, but probably the opposite.
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    and i got to add, Props to the sniper that doesnt camp. If it becomes a 3 V 4 or 2 V 4 they are already moving down to help or revive. Nothing worse then when its all popping off and when the dust settles, Its a 1 v 1 only the 1 on my team is still sitting at our spawn waiting for...... well f%4k knows but suddenly its a 1 v 4.

    and the drone player that drops the mortar or the gas FOR the assault player to push into a good position. (Scrapyard for example, Great team player will drop it on the run into yellow to slow them up as he can see 2 of his guys trying to push at it.
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    Tom Clancy games are strategic shooters, it’s not always meant to be played as a run and gun. It’s the game of chess in the FPS genre where you need to calculate and anticipate your opponent’s position. Making too much noise or taking a path that you are not sure is clear will get you killed quickly by the enemy team mybkexperience.
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    Thanks for that...

    The Diversionist that doesnít actually fire itís drones blatantly obvious fake gun. Thatís a good player right there. Just a ping or 2 will do. And whatís with the players who fire it while itís 500m above sea level?
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    The noob that runs to the recon tower on the basis that someone used the command line "capture the recon tower" 5 seconds into the game only to get shot to bits from 4 different angles and the sad thing is , we're playing uplink. That right there is a team player in the making
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    Good post.

    Mr No-Mic Pinger:
    The guy/gal who watches your back and pings sensibly.

    The Forrest Gump:
    When it's going down, that little fella will break cover and come flying over the map, no matter what to lay down supporting fire or join the firefight.

    The Shadow Gunner:
    The operative that follows you so you're not alone, this guy/gal sees you peeking your corner and spins 180 to check your 6. Shadow Gunner is different to the The Lap Sniper, the guy who sits 1ft away from your your soon to be revealed snipe point.

    The Intel Hound: This guy's job to know everything, where you are, where they are, who they are. He's not here for the kills, He's not here the best KDR, no siree. The Intel Hound is watching, when the drone is recharging, he's crawling on his belly with his binos pinging and whispering "south by southwest, heading to the yellow garage.:
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