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    Gizmo Ike bug?

    Is gizmo Ike supposed to split off into base lvl one units? If so that's really weak. I just got it to lvl 4 got a group of 6 rushing the de ranking new kid. Only the original one made it to the no to do damage. They should all have the same attack and hp as the original or close to it. They should not die to a single zap. Nothing epic about this card. L5 Candian Ike is a better play by itself than L4 Gizmo. I'd rather you guys worked on stuff like that that needs to be fixed rather than Nerf the viable stuff. Y Nerf bhk n Satan when you should just fix cards that aren't where they should be. Especially since we get for changed cards a month.
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    Yes, all copies of Gizmo Ike are base level one. That card is working as intended.
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