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    Getting kicked bans you from the game completely

    Joined a game that was already in session and was in queue, it was 7/8 as someone had left during the game. game ended and I was put into the game, now it's 8/8 again. Before the game starts, one of the people's "friends" comes and is in queue and a guy says "hey such and such is in queue so lets do this" and I get kicked swiftly. Once I get kicked, I cannot join any other lobbies even though other lobbies are open. It just keeps putting me into an empty lobby.

    even if I sit in the empty lobby, it wont let people join my lobby either as it has other people going into other lobbies if i sat and waited.

    So basically, getting kicked, regardless of the reason, will Ban you from being able to play the game completely.
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    Hi CL0aKeDMuG! Have you tried restarting the game? It should not ban you from the game.
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