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    Bump. Totally agreed about this. Why do they don't just add an option for this? They force anyone to play pvp,just to increase bots lvl. If these players are playing against bots,they obviously don't like to play pvp.
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    Originally Posted by KarlFrantzis Go to original post
    Who the hell plays For Honor for PVE -.-
    Not everyone enjoys playing competitively. Take me, for example. For Honor is not something I play exclusively. I don't have the time, energy, or passion to play constantly and improve my skills to match up against actual people and enjoy myself. Getting stomped repeatedly is never fun.

    However, the level 1 bots are absurdly easy to beat. I would still like a challenge without having to sink countless hours of practice into a game that I only prefer to play occasionally.

    There is nothing wrong with not wanting to play PvP, and no game should ever require PvP gameplay in order to enjoy PvE content.
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    It depends on which Hero you are facing, For example bots of Heroes which come from Season 1 are weak and you can kill them by tapping heavy attack all around. Bot of new Heroes are much harder to beat because they can block almost every second attack, can dodge and attack multiple time in a row - and of course they have buff in speed because Devs want to sell Season packages. This is great example how unbalanced are Heroes - new ones are better.
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    Sometimes you get higher level bots,for example they use revenge, but I dont know how to activate these bots
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    We seriously need to be able to play with lvl 3 bots in PVE matches whenever we feel like it. There should be an option that allows us to set the bot level the same way that custom matches allows us to. Nobody cares about custom matches or "training" though cause you don't get rewards out of it. I've been stuck with lvl 2 bots for a long time now and it's boring the hell out of me. I've played with many others and asked them and they said the same thing.

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    Level 2 bots should be the default level. Level 1 and 3 should only be options in custom matches and training. Also there should probably be more than just 3 bot levels; bump the levels 3 ones up to 4 or 5 or something, and add something between the existing level 2 and 3 bots.
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    Please do it !

    Just adding my stone to this long evergrowing wall of a request.

    I would really like a preference parameter on bot level ranging 1 to 3 for PvE with a set to default that keep the present system for PvP

    Not more than that.
    (With eventually a ruling for when multiple players in PvE have different preferences to go for the majority, depending on what is actually existing)
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    I'd also like this to be an option, and why the hell isn't it?

    Have they even acknowledged to why there isn't an option to change the bot lvl or is it just just down to something like just plain stubbornness on their part to not putting in a simple feature that the players want
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