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Would you like the possibility to fly unarmed transport

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  • Yes

    42 87.50%
  • No

    6 12.50%
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    joeap's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2002
    We already can, if you select "empty" under the arming screen, I have flown spit recon missions that way.
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    There are "supply" missions in most online wars (e.g. Europe In Flames, CAD, IL2War, VPF, etc...) involving flying a bomber (acting as a transport plane) for the only purpose of supplying a base. The bombers are (defensively) armed only with MGs, no bombload.

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    p1ngu666's Avatar Senior Member
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    Aug 2003
    be cool to have a proper PR spitfire tho

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    Breeze147's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2004
    Yes, it might be interesting to fly supplies into the jungles of Burma or drop paratroops somewhere.
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    or if you hit ya chute & land in enemy territory,a teammate could grab a lysander/storch...and fly to you & pick you up to save you from capture
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    Count me in
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    Exactly. These are all sort of possible to simulate in current online wars. FB/PF lacks the critical aircraft but that's beside the point.

    Personally I think that variety in mission possibilities lenghtens the life span of a sim, even if some mission types aren't so popular. Interesting to see how things are going to develop in future sims.
    One thing that worries me a bit is that flyable transport planes and such may get even rarer in closed architecture sims in the future, as aircraft take more work to model satisfactorily.
    Then again, they might get more popular as more people get interested in different challenges.
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    JG7_Rall and I have been bush-flying for ages. Flying unarmed planes and landing on remote and improvised airfields is really challenging and fun.
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