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    Max Graphics settings, yet things are a bit blurry

    Even with all settings maxed up, detalis are not even close to the various trailers. Is this intended for the beta?

    21:9 3440x1440 Gtx 1080 ti
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    Hey, you can take screenshot and upload it here. so we others can see what you saw. Otherwise it is hard to say anything.

    Just press PrintScreen button (usually next to F12) and go to Libraries\Documents in Windows and there Anno 1800 Closed Beta\screenshot and upload picture here.

    Can be found also here: C:\Users\YOURACCOUNT\Documents\Anno 1800 Closed Beta\screenshot

    I am not ubisoft member. Just a fellow community member giving a friendly useful tip.
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    Experiencing the same, disabling AA completely solves this.
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