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    Update 1.8.3 - Patch Notes


    Update 1.8.3 is live now across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4! Experience the new Classified Striker's Battlegear balancing changes, Showstopper fixes, and gameplay tweaks. A full list of features is available below.

    • Game Changes
      • Classified Gear
        • Striker's Battlegear
          • EMP now pauses stack accumulation and bonus damage and healing are not applied. Existing stacks are lost with time and by missing shots.
          • Classified Striker bonus heal rate is reduced and shots landed only add +1 stack to each bonus when playing in the Dark Zone, Last Stand, and Skirmish.
          • Full text in-game:
            • 4 piece bonus: Every consecutive hit deals 1% more damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2%. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second. It is not possible to gain stacks and bonus damage is not applied while under the effects of EMP. Bonus is lost when exiting combat.
            • 6 piece bonus: Every hit adds 2 stacks of a self-healing bonus; each stack is worth 0.01% of max health per second. Stacks up to 100 hits. This bonus is increased by 0.05% per stack for every 3000 Stamina. Missing shots drops the bonus by 1 stack and the bonus is reduced by 2 stacks every second. It is not possible to gain stacks and the self-healing bonus is not applied while under the effects of EMP. Bonus is lost when exiting combat. While in the Dark Zone, Last Stand, or Skirmish, each hit only adds 1 stack instead of 2 and the healing rate is reduced.
            • Every hit increases the bonus damage from Striker's Battlegear by an additional 1%. Missing shots drops the bonus damage from Striker's Battlegear by 1% and the bonus is reduced by 2% every second. While in the Dark Zone, Last Stand, or Skirmish, the additional 1% bonus damage is not applied.

      • Skills
        • Support Station Master Mod
          • When disabling a Support Station with the Master Mod the heal now scales depending on how long the skill has been active.
      • Weapons
        • Showstopper
          • Fixed an issue where the Showstopper could fire extra rounds. Note that while the extra shot does not go off, the sound and controller rumble for that extra shot are still present in the game.
          • The snap aim of the Showstopper has been adjusted.
      • Gameplay
        • Fixed an issue that caused players to appear running in place when using a skill under certain circumstances.
        • The expansion stash is now available for all players, regardless of DLC ownership.
      • Commendations
        • Rainbow 6 commendation requirements now read "Equip 6 different quality pieces of gear (grey/exotic, green, blue, purple, orange and gear set)"

    Thank you and we will see everyone in Manhattan!

    /The Division Dev Team
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    these changes are too much

    this nerfs striker too hard it is just going to make people run around not dying with nomad and bleeding with no skill pred
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    How about telling us the exact changes to the snap aim on the showstopper, i want to know if it will effect cronus users.
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    I love it
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    They ****ed this game up now in the most ****ed up way. They could have just decided to buff all of them instead of nerfing them all so hard. Striker is ****ing useless now. Well back to Nomad i guess. On second thought tho just gonna play to collect shields from now on. PvP has been ****ed anyway since the day classified builds was first released... Still remember the pain with the first deadeye users? Yeah GJ UBISOFT! Should have just sticked with the original exotic builds. This game is nothing it was like before on pvp. Hurts... just hurts. 1000hours of grinding gone for nothing.
    Well im looking forwards for division 2. Was maybe a mistake already to preorder the game but im still a fan of the division series. Please dont dissapoint me.
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    Infuriated with skill power

    I have been playing since day 1. And have endured nerf after nerf of skills. U want to make the game diversified? How about making the actual main stats worth something. Skill power needs to be severely buffed. Stamina needs to have armor taken back into effect by bringing back the value we once had so talents like destructive matter. Firearms never needed to be touched. My main gripe is that sets mainly around skill power have zero survivability, all the skill haste and skill power in the would will not save you from bleed, raw dps or a high stamina player with no firearms. I know you want the game to be in a certain state but itís just about meta builds. You killed diversity with the introduction of classified gear. You killed diversity when you nerfed armor, skills that do damage like seekers, sticky bombs and turrets. Smart Cover and mobile covers damage reduction buffs. The inability to choose skills and know that my electronics thatís well over 8k-10k. Asure devastating consequences to someone who underestimated me just because Iím a skill build and use Smart Cover with seeker mines. It ruins the game for me because Iím forced to run around like a chicken or worse die without even posing a threat.
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    Nothing new in 1.8.3 SO How about making the rest of the story missions legendaries?!?!?!?! So we donít get bored waiting TD2!!!!! Thanks ✌🏼
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    Hi, I just wanna ask about some things. Guyz? Are u totally amateurs? R u really creators of TD1? Cause I don't think. Every change, every patch, every nerf is absolutely inexplicable, unnormal and idiotic. Sorry for words....But Do u every hear about testing something before decided to put in the game? Nerf of stations? Why? Tell me reason why? Cause some cryplayers are unable learn and gain skill? There are some players who love to be healer. But not to be stupid support who MUST stand on one stupid position and wait for station get the healing. This style is for PvE but the PvP will never be COVER BASE SHOOTER. PvP is quick, movement gamestyle and u should know it. There is no time to wait for station. We need full heal after pop. Nerf of striker. Ok, striker was strong but AGAIN like EVERY change u did to game u destroy another build and put to meta next build.....stupid...U making metas or u want Balance? Cause this isn't balancing game. This is just customizing game for children and players unable to learn... First step will be little bit change gears, chage their behavior and how they work. Make cathegories which build is what. Make roles: DMG, TANK & Healer. Second step: TESTING YOUR ideas before u put it online....
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    after 4200h i gtg

    Thank's 4 ruin the game.
    With the changes on the Striker gear ive lost the Rest of Fun 4 this Game.
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