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    Samurai,it was written long time ago.....since then there was a "Kingdom" rumour. Developers, if next game is about vikings I want to draw your attention to this fact.....Talking about viking routes basically two direction considered - Eastern route ( to Byzantine and Persia) and Western route ( Western Europe, Britain, Iceland, Greenland, America) but there was third route - Nothern route! Even the name of the country Norway means - northern way. But nothern way to where??? People know about that nothern way from ancient times. Vikings used it also! There are many sories about it in Pomors folklore. Old believes and pagans in Russia used that way to escape christianization, they were escaping to Siberia and further to Alaska. Long before Bering and Columbus. That way also can be in the game....(moreover it's forgotten way)
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    How about the real Origin?

    Persia for instance where the history of assassins come from? I wonder why they haven't got that one yet. So much history Persians have to offer
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