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    When will this issue be fixed it's aready really annoying

    Seriously i'm glad we can spooky spooky but why not fix the bugs first.
    All the time i need to restart because one guy don't accept
    Why does the timing disappear in the first place, it's because waiting for players to replace bots?
    Anyway happened 8 times to me only today , trying to play endless game or breach
    I can't stand it, I find myself waiting 10 or 15 minutes hoping the guy will accept already. Fix when?
    Don't make me remember that i've spent lots of steel on several loadouts of gear just to become useless after the "scam" you call conversion, when you get 1500 points one bad perk and nothing on the others. Uninstall and bye if this not fixed by November.
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    How did you manage to be playing the game 3 months in the past and where did you stash the DeLorean?
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