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    Originally Posted by Drex404 Go to original post
    This is very good news. I want to ditch Natakas, but I want to keep the baby and take him on the ship with me. I'll make Barnabas look after him so Bar can chill out and get off my back Plus Herodotus and Hippokrates are there too. I am curious if we'll be able to replay those scenes without having to start a new game, although I chose farewell and the not romantic option at the end. Anyway, yeah, thanks a ton for updating us on the making of scenes reflecting the utilitarian (or not romantic) view, and that those choices will be reflected in episode 3
    Barnabas and Herodotos - the ultimate duo of crazy uncles
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    Surprising, but welcome. Good on you for going beyond what most companies would do to make this right for a section of the players. I do wonder, who is developing this patch, Singapore or Quebec? Either way, the fact that this probably implies new voice lines that have probably not been recorded prior to this is impressive.

    Although, I must say, it's plenty obvious that it wasn't your intention to have the choice for the relationship to be a purely platonic one. That wasn't a failure of the text, that was a failure of intention. There is no doubt that the conception was meant to be romantic, before this patch. And while that, as always, is your prerogative, it strikes me as odd that at no point did any part of the narrative of the DLC was ran by the narrative director of the game the DLC was for, even as a cursory glance, because I can assure you there would have probably been some comment.
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    After feeling severely disappointed by the ending of Shadow Heritage, I truly appreciate this plan of action from your team. I have been a fan of the franchise since the first game but had to stop at AC3 because my computer could no longer handle the games that followed. Odyssey is what brought me back and after seeing they way you fix your mistakes and actually listen to the concerns of the community, I hope to remain a loyal fan and I look forward to your future releases.

    Now that we know what you plan on doing with this DLC, all I ask is that you take your time fixing everything. I would love to experience the DLCs in the same quality as the brilliant base game. Good luck, Ubisoft.
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    Probably it was already asked, can you still have the original ending? I haven't even started the first episode and I know how the second ends lol, but I'd love to have the original, thanks
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    Well that's great and all, but unfortunately none of us will get to see the new changes until new game+ gets implemented.

    I don't think I will be rolling back to a many hours old savegame just to see the differences. I didn't want to romance that guys son, but lo and behold.... baby.

    Nonetheless, glad to see Ubi being so open to address issues like this.
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    This is good to hear, and credit to Ubisoft for listening to feedback.

    Originally Posted by Zelthas117 Go to original post
    Probably it was already asked, can you still have the original ending?
    It doesn't sound like the *ending* is going to change, but there will be a dialogue update for those who selected the non-romance path.
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    Don't forget to thank the folks at GLAAD (details in this PCGamer article). I had no idea they got involved in this.
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    Originally Posted by RedKMisthios Go to original post
    Barnabas and Herodotos - the ultimate duo of crazy uncles
    Ha! You make this sound good! I could go for that.
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    The problem isn't the cutscene. The problem is the "We decided you feel..." part of "We decided you feel that having a blood legacy is so important you'll hook up with some rando to have a kid, regardless of your sexual preference or any other life priorities you may have." As long as it's about that, it's not acceptable. As long as it's about that, it's DLC for a game you didn't make.
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    Originally Posted by GrimAran Go to original post
    I wouldn't be too quick to thank them. What does "some changes to a cutscene and some dialogues" mean ? Maybe they're just making the utilitarian approach clearer (read: existent at all), that would force you to have a baby with that worthless wimp.

    Unless all romantic aspects and the baby are being made 100% avoidable they can put the update where the sun doesn't shine as far as I'm concerned.
    Yea unless there’s more details it’s too early for any gratitude, the wording implies we will still be forced to breed against our will, which imo would end up solving nothing, I hope I’m wrong though, will have to wait and see…
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