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    Proof of an old purchase - highly frustrating (rant)

    I've bought the game on late 2013 or early 2014. A digital deluxe copy. I've finished it a long time ago. Following HoMM7, I've wanted to play it again.
    However, it is stuck in my old account and Ubisoft support refuse to move it to my new one without "proof of purchase".
    I repeat - this is a digital copy bought five years ago. Even Ubisoft apparently don't have any records of old digital purchases that old.
    How am I supposed to find such a proof?
    Why the presence of the game in my game library isn't proof enough that I've bought it?
    Why does Ubisoft support completely ignore my messages and continue to demand emails and CD keys (hello, digital purchase! no CD).
    Why do I get an answer once a week and it is always the same stupid generic answer that demonstrates that no one even bothers to read my messages?

    Intensely frustrating.
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    Issue still not solved. Customer support still not making any real effort. Insists that I should supply digital proof for a purchase from five years ago because they don't have any.

    My advice?
    Don't buy anything from Uplay store. They don't keep records of old purchases and they would force you through hell to prove you paid for your game.
    Use steam instead or just a good old physical copy.
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