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    The Thankless Task in Breach

    Well technically there is two of them. The first one though is what I want to focus on: Pushing the ram. In any other game that has a siege engine of sorts (see Overwatch or Paladins as an example) pushing the objective is actually an objective point award. Now I understand that the objective doesn't move unless you push it in those game but my question is: why in for honor is pushing the ram not any award at all. We all have had several games in Breach where pushing the ram won us the game or the next gate and saved us from losing then. But there is no award or points involved at all, and most of the time you are doing nothing there so noone really bothers. And those of us who pushed the ram while our brain-dead team went hunting the endless swarms of defenders for kills, usually sit on the bottom of our team, or near there.

    The same goes for commander damage(i think). You get no reward for attacking and damaging commander at all. It is just damage so I understand it to a point but if i say: play shugoki and backbreak cheese 90% of a commander's health before orochi comes and steals the kill, he gets the credit for it in the end really. This one doesn't upset me as much and makes more sense.

    My point here is, the main objective is to push the ram, capturing archers makes that easier in the end, as does capturing cauldron. Boosting the ram is extremely powerful and useful, but bears no reward in the end. No-one would know from the end score card that because I brought warden with a conquerer feat (really powerful on ram btw, It seems to make ram hella fast) that we won because of it. There is no point reward and there should be, at least for heavies since it would be their job. I dunno, just my two cents, both dropping an "infirmus" on me...
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    Totally agree on pushing the Ram and damaging the Commander, but also defending Archer Points should be a real thing.

    Often if it was not me, my team would lose all 3 Archer Points in the first couple of minutes. Usually I keep them defended, but don't get the proper reward, compared to how important the Archer Points are.
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