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    Ideas for a Mario+Rabbids 2

    Mario + Rabbids is easily one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a good while. The comedy is spot on, the gameplay is great, and there's a lot Nintendo could do with the formula. To that end, I fully anticipate that Nintendo and Ubisoft will make a sequel at some point, continuing the Rabbids' shenanigans in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    So, to help the devs along with a sequel, I figured I'd make a topic for us to share ideas on what they could add/improve/etc.

    Here are a few of my own ideas:

    • Add in some sort of "Undo Move" command, though perhaps make it so you only can use it a limited number of times per battle (kinda like Mila's Turnwheel in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia). This would be very handy for those moments where you misclick your move.
    • Add in a new mechanic: Stealth. Certain enemies (and at least one of your own playable characters) should be able to turn briefly invisible, letting them sneak around the battlefield unseen unless they take damage, attack, or walk too close to an enemy. This would add another dastardly, cheap trick to the Rabbids' playbook that'd be sure to drive Beep-0 nuts.
    • Online multiplayer. Need I say more?

    New characters
    • Princess Daisy: Even if she got to be in SSBU, Sarasaland needs more representation! Daisy would be an expert at debuffing enemies, as they just can't stand how much she annoys them.
    • Wario: Fat, greedy, rude and crude, Wario would excel at dishing out pain to multiple enemies at once. Rabbids would be sure to flee in terror not just from his weapons, but from his infamous Wario Waft. Unfortunately, due to his immense weight, allies can't launch him in a Team Jump (though he can launch them).
    • Waluigi: Wario's dirty, scheming brother(?), Waluigi would be a stealth fighter, able to sneak through enemy lines to shoot them in the back. Direct confrontation isn't his forte, so he'd be sure to use every dirty trick in the book.
    • Donkey Kong: DK would return from his adventure with Rabbid Peach, this time joining up with Mario and friends. All Mario would need to worry about is keeping DK away from Pauline (or her Rabbid equivalent).
    • Diddy Kong: Strangely absent from the DK Adventure DLC, Diddy would need to make a proper appearance in M+R2. Diddy could be a high-speed, high-octane initiator who dives at the enemies and inflicts untold amounts of pain on them before they can react. However, he needs to make his engages count, as he'll be very vulnerable to retaliation afterwards.


    I'll add more if I think of it, but this should be a good start.
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    Please, for the love of God and everybody's well being - MAKE A "DISABLE MUSIC" SETTING!
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