Hello everyone,

Tomorrow, Jan 17th 2019, we will perform a maintenance at 8:00 AM ET / 13:00 PM UTC. There is an expected downtime of about 45 minutes across Xbox/PC and 1 hour and 45 minutes for PS4. During this maintenance, the following changes will be performed.

Server Updates on Matchmaking - ALL platforms
  • We are doing changes to the current matchmaking relaxation parameters in order to make the skill parameter relaxation tighter than it is today. We will still use both skill and reputation parameter but we put more emphasis on the skill parameter, relaxing the reputation parameter more quickly.
  • Developer comments: In this exploratory approach, the goal is to set extreme parameters, resulting in unpredictable matchmaking Time/Quality. Nonetheless, we will not keep the change if it results in bad matchmaking experiences or if the average matchmaking time is increased.