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    Developer Update: En Garde

    Hey everyone! Buck from RedLynx here, and I’m here to bring you some new information for the week! Let’s jump right in!



    Welcome to another exciting week of South Park: Phone Destroyer! This week’s Challenge mode, which is currently ongoing, is the “Long Shot” Challenge. In this challenge, Ranged units will have 2x their normal range, but deal 50% reduced damage.

    As usual, there will be a weekend event starting on Friday, featuring a BRAND NEW card, Swordsman Garrison.


    Swordsman Garrison has arrived in South Park. He’s a 5 cost rare fighter in the Adventure theme. He’s got a really fun charged ability too. He deals damage to units in front of him. At level 1 he’s got 45 ATK, 395 HP and deals 90 ability damage. Completing the solo portion of the event will get you at least 3 copies and completing both the solo and team portions will get you at least 7 copies, with chances to earn several more.

    This weekend will be a token collection event. You’ll be able to earn tokens by winning PvP matches, opening lockers and opening PvP packs!

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 50
    3 90
    4 170
    5 260
    6 410
    7 600
    8 925

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    Live Streams are on pause for now, but as soon as we can have them up and running again, you know we’ll be there! If you haven’t, be sure to follow us on Twitch to be alerted when we start our next stream! We don’t want you to miss it.


    As you’ve all seen by now, the Team Wars update is live! If you haven’t downloaded it, go to the app store now. There’s also a brand new YouTube video on our channel with some great info about the new feature. The first Team War will start on Monday, January 21st!

    That’s everything I have to share for now! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team!
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    Here are some extended Question and Answers form Buck have been bold'ed for easy reading.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________


    With team vs team coming out next week and the update coming Tuesday. There are quite a few unanswered questions regarding its makeup and would pretty much all teams are looking at RedLynx and more specifically at you Buck & Toller to communicate these questions\information for us. If you can answer the following questions based on the update coming out on 1-16-19 as well as team wars on 1-21-19 it would be appreciated.

    Team War Questions:

    As stated in the Santa Claus is coming to town update, bottle caps are as such.

    +1 level = 100 Bottle Caps
    +2 levels = 250 Bottle Caps
    +3 levels = 500 Bottle Caps
    +4 levels = 850 Bottle Caps
    +5 levels = 1350 Bottle Caps
    +6 levels = 2050 Bottle Caps

    Meaning You can upgrade a deck to full level 7 commons, 6 Rare’s, 5 epics, and level 5 legendary and still have bottle caps left over. (Assuming a full 50\50 all Legendary team gets all collected bottle caps during the week)

    This is true, but this won't happen right away. It will take top teams several weeks to advance into the Gold league. This is of course something that can be changed later on, based on the feedback from the community and what we feel works best.

    Question: Are the bottle cap requirements for upgrading the selected cards still standing\same based on the information that was given to us in previous updates? Or has it been updated to something else?
    Bottle cap requirements are the same as communicated before. We might adjust them based on the data we get and player feedback, but they will stay the same for a few wars at least.

    Question: Are all themes available to be selected for the card selections? Or will it be limited to the games base two themes only + Neutral?
    All war decks follow “two themes + neutral” rule, but who knows what can happen in the future. Anything can happen!

    Question: How will Tiers work the first week?
    All teams will start in the Wooden league and advance once they get enough crowns.

    Question: How will the selection process be made for this team you will face after the first week? Will it be strictly by tiers or based on the number of members, leg. Vs Silver vs. Bronze?
    You will be matched against teams of the same league with similar number of players.

    Question: What type of rewards will be given? Will it be a tiered system such as End of Season or something different like challenge rewards?

    You will be able to see the reward tiers on Monday, once the first Team War starts.

    Non-Team vs Team Questions:

    Question: Are Weekend events still going to be happening on Friday going thru Monday morning, or will events be altered in any way with the new Team vs Team Feature coming out?
    There are no plans to change the current events. Team Wars will run along side everything else.

    Question: Is server side included in this update coming out on 1-16-19? If not, when? There have been outstanding bugs in the game for almost a full year. We have been told over and over again that Server Side will fix a majority, if not all of these bugs? It’s been 9 Months since Server Side was “announced” any update?
    There is no new news to be passed about this at the moment! This update is for Team Wars and bug fixes.

    Question: Will the Friendly Battle function – in-game have the ability to adjust the levels of cards, so we are able to do friendly battles with one another using the levels we have selected for Team vs Team?

    Not in this release. This functionality was discussed in relation to Team Wars and testing the 'war decks', but it didn't fit in with the release schedule. We’re not planning to stop working on Team Wars, though, and better ways to test war decks is high on our priority list.

    Question: Was Team vs Team Beta tested? This is critical in the development and feedback needed to ensure a smooth transition for the community\player base. Or are we (the community) going into it “blindly”?
    Team Wars was thoroughly tested internally. We couldn’t do the public beta test due to variety of technical reasons and time constraints.

    Question: Will any UGI\Changes\Updates be made to the current structure of the game. Meaning, any updates to how new members can be viewed before being accepted into a team? Request functions, Locker Limit countdowns... Are there any updates coming in 1-16-19 or is it simply more of an update for Team vs Team wars?

    This release is all about Team Wars. Features in question are on our radar, though, but we can’t say when/if we are going to start working on them at this moment.

    Hopefully you guys will answer these here, or in the update on Wednesday. Thanks!!
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    Does the charge ability do damage to the new kid as well?
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    Is that 90 ability damage altogether or per character hit
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    I really don't wanna be a miked13 and repeat myself, but this is a legitimately shared complaint about your token events, when are they gonna finally get tweaked. It's clear you want to keep people spending cash to open these lockers, but it is a bad practice if your strictly free to play base is suffering from it and skill can't compensate the almost endless grind, provided you don't want to spend any cash. You have some code that can count the number of destroyed phones within challenges, recycle that and give tokens per destroyed phones in addition to the locker hidden tokens, and update your system.

    A regular casual player can have matches without wins, draws that are actually longer matches that don't give you anything at all, people get tired and stop completing events, and others eventually stop altogether. You are focused in your profit perspective but see it also from the regular folk perspective, it's your player base in the end, nourish it and give us something to work with, or at least comment on it because there's been a lot of feedback on this. You can say we are too busy with the server side and team wars, but we are planning to address this, or you can give us your traditional we don't have anything planned for this right now, which means the feedback is irrelevant but it's at least an answer, thanks.
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    stop with the token events
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    Are those really the points required for the event, or will they increase by 150% when the event starts?
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    Originally Posted by B3gbie Go to original post
    Are those really the points required for the event, or will they increase by 150% when the event starts?
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    You guys need to up the amount of tokens in a prize locker. All my matches take almost the full 3 minutes, and I want to blow my brains out when my token prize will only be 15. I'm in legendary 2000s and each win is a pain and I only get one 50 token locker each event. I hate these events so much I'll spend 100 cash to get it and that is an "if" I get it.
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    stop with the token events.
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