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    History edition Feedback

    I recently bought the history Collection since I played it a lot as a kid. I have to say I am a bit disappointed though. The intro for settlers III is gone, in Settlers 4 some of the maps are in german on an English installation. And overall the graphic improvement you talked about is nowhere to be seen except that you have it widescreen.I have yet to try the other games, but so far I am a bit disappointed.

    The price for 15 year old games is a tad steep considering that not that much have changed, or did I miss something? Well, might need to add that I didn't really expect any big difference in graphic, so it is not a main concern, I just had a feeling the graphics got a bit more promoted than delivered. The settlers 3 is missing the info about the Buildings though.

    It would have been nice to see Settlers 2 10th in the bundle as well, considering the game is quite old as well now.

    Best regards
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    As I understand it, some maps in Settlers 4 were previously German-only and not released in English at all. I think I've read somewhere in this forum that they plan to translate them.

    I don't know if any graphics improvements were promised, I didn't expect anything except support for other screen resolutions and I got that. Which for Settlers 4 is nothings special, because there was already reliable unofficial patch before. But for older ones it helps.

    The greatest thing so far, it seems they really fixed some ancient bugs. My most favourite of the series is Settlers 4 and for years I've had trouble with crashing, mostly when there were ships in game. Using ships as little as possible helped, but not always and it severely limited my enjoyment of the game. So far with history edition, I've completed the main dark tribe campaign and there was no such crash so far. Finally!

    There are still some things that could be improved. Those dark tribe guys that transform land into dark one are still getting stuck in various maps corners as they always did. In fact, they may be getting stuck even more than before, e.g. in Desecration of Rolf's Horn mission, they didn't even manage to leave the inner part of land, when I played it this time. I'd swear they did that before in original version. Or when creating foundation carts, people are still "dancing" around for a long time (minutes...) before they manage to get in. I have yet to see if something was done about Trojans, where there was always problem with getting people in ships or healer building failing to heal soldiers.

    But important part is, it seems they brought the games back from dead, so even if something doesn't work well yet, there's a chance that it will get fixed. So I'm carefully optimistic.
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    Settlers was never fully translated, and thats heritage from origianl, im happy they mnde remake... couldn't stand all those tools that would make your game playable I'm happy with what they made... although it would be nice to have it finished and maybe fix/tune some things like AI who can't expand or improve storage areas in S3, or maybe make smarter geologists.... some things could be fixed...
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    Settlers 4 HE

    The same here, I got the game because it was said you get graphic improvements (high resolution and widescreen), but it turned out quite ugly on my screen 1920x1080. I think it's kind of 800x600 !!! Did I missed something?! I searched for solutions but found nothing. I am so dissapointed
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