I would like to ask about the working mechanics of the storing, and the resource using/transporting.

When I have only 1 storehouse in the beginning, I have no problem: all of my Work Yard have enough resources (naturally I keep in mind the needed resources).

As I occupy other settlements, or I place other storehouses, the new, nearby Work Yards start to work with worse efficiency, and they do not have the needed resources, although I placed the other required Work Yards next to them. (When I build a new unit, I always build the units, which manufacture the required products, next to them). I noticed, that some carriers take away the resources to the main storehouse, and so my units (etc.:bakery) can not get enough "ingredients", and they have to wait a lot.

As I count around the other storehouse there should not be missing resources, because I built the needed service units there, and worked fine before that, with 100% efficiency, so I do not understand, why they transport the resources there.

Can you maybe help me, how can I solve this problem, or is this a bug?