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    Team Wars Update is LIVE

    Hey New Kids,

    Buck from RedLynx here. We've started the roll-out of our next update, which contains the new feature- Team Wars! Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for the update to be available to everyone, depending on your app-store and location.

    You can read my last post about Team Wars here. Along with the new feature there have also been various bug fixes and technical improvements. I'll list some of the bug fixes below!

    • Fixed an issue where Hercules Clyde's powerbind effect could not be purified
    • Fixed an issue where Dwarf King Clyde would sometimes switch targets after his Warcry/first hit
    • Fixed a bug where Deckhand Butter's deathwish would heal objects such as Energy Staff
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Card Collector' achievement
    • Fixed an issue where some players could get stuck in the tutorial if they changed their outfit before the tutorial
    • Updated card descriptions for Witch Doctor Token, Barrel Dougie, Dwarf Engineer Dougie and Power Fist Dougie
    • Improved support for several 'notch' devices

    The first Team War will start next Monday, January 21st. You can only participate in a Team War with one team, so once you complete any Team War action, such as voting on a card, you are 'locked' to that team's war. You can still leave the team in order to participate in a Friendly Fight or donate to another team, but you can only continue the war by returning to the original team.

    If you got any questions, feel free to let us know down below!

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    So PVP packs taking longer to refressh, cards randomly reviving on the field, cards getting stuck, text hard to see, none of these were bugs you needed to fix?

    but Deckhand healing staff God thats awful

    The community have reported so many bugs

    And you have hardly fixed any

    Great Job
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    Have you corrected the green color font of the cards numbers asked in team? OOOOOPSSS
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    Hey, Buck, it would be great to have a button to start a PVP match from Team Wars section, because now I have to go back from requests to PVP section and it takes more time then before.
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    Originally Posted by trumanberic Go to original post
    Have you corrected the green color font of the cards numbers asked in team? OOOOOPSSS
    They have.
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    Actually, They have not
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    Originally Posted by trumanberic Go to original post
    Actually, They have not
    They have. Want a screenshot or something?
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    Deckhand butters? Hercules Clyde? How about you fix actual problems...like idk....the fact that Satan is the single most broken, unfair, and most complained about unit in this game and needs a severe nerf? That gonna happen anytime soon?
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    I do agree there are a crap load of bugs in the game that have been for a long long time. Double shots, DKC, Tweek's to name a few. But I don't think they can fix them without re-coding the entire game which is why they are not fixed. Hopefully with "Server Side" those outstanding bugs will be fixed.
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    I would also say its not just Satan, but also Mystical. Mystical and Satan both need nerfs. Satans stats can stay the same as long as the W.C Animation is slowed just a tad. Mystical needs a heavy nerf across the board.
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