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    Attn. Track building friends of the OTHG ..... Thank-you 💙

    We would like to thank you for all the tracks you built for us & the community !

    We are looking for are last Fusion HLC track list & want to honor you guys !

    So we would like you to pick out a few of your favorite Fusion builds or some

    tracks that slipped through the Track Central cracks & didn't get much love.....

    This is our way of thanking you builders for all the great tracks over the years

    and our anniversary builds and hope we will continue our friendship over on

    Trials Rising.This will also help us pass the month or so we have left by

    grinding some sweet tracks before Rising hits next month.

    You can post or ( I should say repost because they are already built ) anytime

    over the next month on Track Central 😎

    If you want list them on the Act. Feed .... post them in our OTHG club house
    thread or just message me XBL GT:

    BOWEN BOYS 1 08

    Thanx guys it's been a wild ride and we can't wait to see what cool creations

    you can come up with on Trials Rising.Once again thank you all from all of us !

    You builders are the heart & soul of Trials once we get through the base tracks

    You have kept our HLC's (HotLapChallenges) going for many many years......

    Through EVO then Fusion and soon TRIALS RISING 🤘

    We will be there and grind the hell out of them like always.....

    Much love and deep respect from the old folks of Trialin' ( THE OTHG )

    We know the hard work and mega hours you guys put into your builds 💚

    One last time THANK YOU TRACK BUILDERS FROM........

    THE OTHG* ( est. 2012 - 2019+ & still going strong )

    * OverTheHillGang for those of you that haven't heard of us yet ?
    I also want to thank gerble72 for this wonderful idea he is an original
    OTHG member and a great friend 😎
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    Well said boss I honestly believe it it wasnt for the hard work of the builders keeping track central going I dont think the game would have the legs

    Thank you for all your hard work over the years making tracks for everyone to run builders its helps keep me coming back and other too Im sure

    Like boss said feel free to pick a few tracks from your day top 5 for us to run (OTHG) post in here and in the thread too or even message boss on Xbox

    Thanks again and keep on riding
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