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    Join our team - Duck and Cover

    Team Name: Duck and Cover

    Team Wars Gold Ranking: # 46

    Required Level: 18

    Events: Every event gets completed

    Challenges: 12 win decks available

    Discord: Required for minor management

    Team Description:

    Hello, I'm the leader of this team and a big fan of South Park. We can help you grow within the game, we finish events, have an organized donation system and we're currently in the top 50 teams in team wars.

    To join you don't necessarily need to have "no life", but your inventory should be good enough to take part in gold league team wars. If you think you're an active/good player you can try applying in-game; there's also free hats.

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    Hi, can you give me link, I can't find your community.
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    Hello, I've sent you a pm.
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    Fancy new forum area. You may join our team if you are an active player buddeh.
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    Opened some slots, join our team, active phone destroyers.
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    Hey void, how many spots you got? I got 6 high rankers who want a more active team
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    Sorry I missed the reply I was busy managing team wars . I may have a full team since someone else wanted to transfer, but if they are fewer players than he anticipated I'll contact you to see if your members are looking for a place, and if they already did good luck in your team buddy.
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    We are full but I can free up 4 slots for the next war, pm me or answer here buddies.
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    Hello buddies, we have 5 slots open, I could open more if you pm me or answer in this thread.
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    If you need a place we've got 8 open spots right now. We always complete events, fulfill donations, have a discord, I'm co-leader of Tegridy Donors, we'd be happy to have all of you!
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