1. #241
    Hello everyone, anyone in need for help with this trophy on PS4?

    If so, please, add me on PSN: Grinoliel.
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    Hi. Still ooking to Play. I'm looking for a buddy to unlock the trophy
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    Hey you still there? Add me psn vipandree
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  5. #245


    Can anyone help me with this trophy?
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    My PSN - LJR501
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    Far cry new dawn have buddy, will travel trophy

    Hello everybody,
    Im stuk with the last trophy of this game.
    I have to complete 3 expiditions with a co-op partner.
    Is there somebody that wants to help me to accomplish this throphy?
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  8. #248

    Desafios Coop BR

    Procurando player br pra concluir os desafios do coop, add eu pra gente concluir junto.
    Não sei se faz diferença, mas jogo pelo pc. Qualquer coisa da um salve.

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    Looking to host a coop excursion of Far Cry New Dawn on PC. Is this still on?
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