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    The New Dawn Co-op Portal - looking for a partner?

    Hey everbody!

    If you're eager to play through New Dawn's campaign in co-op but don't have anyone to team up with yet, then you've come to the right place

    If you want to team up, why not post below with the following info:
    • Your country
    • Your preferred platform
    • Looking to host/looking to join

    You can sort out the rest amongst yourself via PM

    If you want more details on how Far Cry New Dawn's co-op feature works, check out our FAQs page.

    Have fun everyone!
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    i want to play co op

    i am from the uk

    i am play on pc

    just send me a friend request
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    hello je suis Fr joueur pc(forever)
    et je souyhaite integrer une partie ou accepter une invit
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    I want to get the co-op achievement

    I live in the US and I'll be on all day tomorrow and Sunday. Message me and we can get things sorted out!

    Xbox btw
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    hey if you want to do expeditions or play coop add me


    Uplay: Zeethox_dk
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    ShragleDagle here!

    On PS4, username is the same: ShragleDagle

    From Canada EST, but I'm online all the time just add me as a friend and we can mic up and have some fun!
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    PC na doing expeditions and outposts and whatever! add me or pm to play!
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    I want play coop to complete the challenges.

    My nick is MarconiGamer.

    I play in Xbox One.

    I looking to host.

    If anyone want play with me, answer this comment.
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    Do you play in Xbox. If can you help me to Get the challenge, i Will help you too. When you play?
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