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    Its fixed!!!
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    i guess with the new “secrets of Greece” episode they added on it came with a patch. Because I been dealing with this since December and just now it said to quit to the home screen for new downloable content and when I went back on the alpha lion was alive and I finished the quests. So stoked
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    Is it fixed? *** yeah!!!
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    no!!!! alpha lion still dead. it's not fixed. T__T
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    Dead Lion Club

    We're coming up on the half-year point since release and this issue has not yet been resolved.
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    Fate of The Atlantis DLC is coming near, but we alpha lion club member’s problem hasn’t been solved. Ubisoft should be shame.
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    Hi guys. Patch 1.2.0 has come. Have you checked whether it’s fixed or not?
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    When i logged in, it was auto put into my inventory. The quest was stuck since like November when i did it, it only took four months!
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    Hey guys -- sorry I havent checked this post in so long.

    Looking very forward to the new expansion -- so the most important question. Has this been completely fixed???

    I see mixed responses as of late on the thread.
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    The mission isn’t able to be started glitch

    [QUOTE=Ubi-Gumdrops;13881644]Hi there arathorn1210, I'm very sorry you're encountering this issue. Rest assured the development team are actively working on a resolution for this.

    There is an ongoing glitch that doesnt allow me to start the mission: Lore of the Sphinx at all.... is this an common glitch or is this very rare? I tried restarting the game twice and no luck. I beat all the mythical creatures instead of the sphinx. Is there anything you can do to help?
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