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    Theme names on loading screen?

    Im curious, what are the themes that play during the vs screen in Dominion?
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    Nobody knows the themes for the animus event?
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    I have them now, sorry for the delay:
    Menu :

    AC brotherhood : Ezio’s family
    AC2 : Ezio’s family
    AC origins : Ezio’s family Origins
    AC Odyssey : Ezio’s Family
    AC Syndicate : Ezio’s Family

    FaceOff :

    AC Origins : Bayek of Siwa
    AC Origins : The battle of Krokodilopolis
    AC1 : Acces the Animus

    Gameplay :

    AC Odyssey : Guards of the Cult
    AC Odyssey : A Spartan Fight
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    TY Bayek of Siwa was the one i was looking for. GJ
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