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    Newer player looking for some people

    Hello there
    Ive recently come back to playing For Honor since it Launched all the way back when, im not good by any standards but am doing my best to learn and would like to find some people to perhaps talk and play with.

    Im trying to main and learn Kensei, so far ive been sticking to vs AI but id be willing to do whatever if i had someone to talk and have a laugh with

    Steam is Xalek96
    Discord is Xalek#6067

    Hope to speak to some new people soon ^^
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    If you ever need someone to play with just send me an invite. I'm not professional by any means but enjoy the game. I'm usually on every day for a couple of hours.
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    Hey mate, if you are on during Europe Region times, feel free to join our discord, and there will be probably someone to play with, https://discord.gg/gVFsbU3 some of us have work and such, but we are online daily.
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    id be down Uplay Sicktanic94 add me
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    Add me Uplay Gruffas
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    add me.. derancetan1987
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    EST but I'm on pretty regularly, feel free to invite me anytime UPLAY swellchemosabe
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    Ayy same

    I'm a newbie, not even a returning player and I'm looking for friends to play with, arcade & stuff, I'm based in EU btw ; so if you're up to add me "HeavensEvenBun"
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