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    Endgame question

    So I've just defeated Grax and now I'm on the "Save Atlas" mission which seemed straightforward at first. However, even though much of the star system is "clean" now, dreadnoughts keep on appearing and deploying primes. My question is, is there no end to this? I'm racing to get 100% alliance in the system but by the time I clean a planet another prime gets deployed. By the time I weaken and defeat a dreadnought another one appears. Is there no "peace" state in the game where everything is clean and I can explore and collect things at my own pace? The endgame feels like a constant race against time which I don't like at all.

    Overall it's a great game, though, I'd just finally like some peace in there.
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    No peace

    Three months after the original posting... [This is for the Christmas update of the Switch version. I expect that it's the same for all versions, and probably won't change in the April update that's coming soon.]

    No, there's no peace. I recommend defeating each dreadnought as soon as it appears, before it has a chance to create a prime (you have 10 minutes of game time). With everything wiped out, I'm seeing a new dreadnought about once an hour or so... or at least, that's how it seems to me. FYI, I'm playing at Easy and with Maximum targeting assistance; I'm not a twitcher.

    If you want peace, start a new game and do one of the following:

    1. Don't return to the Equinox from the Vylus assignment. The system will be peaceful (assuming you've eliminated the primes on Haven and Vylus). Some old extractors still exist, especially in the Dark Sector, but no dreadnoughts will ever be created, and no new primes and extractors will be created. The problem with this approach: you can't complete the side campaigns of "St. Grand's Secrets" and Star Fox. Also, you may need to budget your Nova because you don't have any renewable Nova sources.

    2. Go ahead and return to the Equinox from Vylus, but don't eliminate the dreadnought. This is a compromise that gives you five peaceful planets and two that are repeatedly subjected to new primes and extractors (with their fresh Nova). You might want to get Haven and Vylus to 100% completion before you return to the Equinox.

    3. Wipe out all three dreadnoughts and their primes, but don't go after Grax. Once you've wiped out all three dreadnoughts, permanent peace will prevail as long as you don't go after Grax. Well, you'll still have Outlaws and occasionally the original Legion: imps, cyclops, and giants. But no more of the big stuff that tries to take over as time goes on.

    Strategy hint: make it a priority to get Kirite to 100% Alliance. That gives you Legion Vision, so you can see where the extractors and primes are located on all the planets, even the ones you haven't yet visited. You can swoop in and take them out and leave the exploring for later.

    Another strategy hint: try to build an armory on each planet (Vylus already has one) to keep the extractor count under control until you can come in and mop things up. This can be more of a challenge, because you need Vylus at 100% Alliance in order to build armories on a planet without significant local support, and you need to find a building site on the planet.
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