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    Developer Update: Happy New Year

    Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand New Year! It’s Toller, and I’m here with the latest news for South Park: Phone Destroyer. I hope you all had a great holiday. It’s wonderful to be back!


    This week’s Challenge Mode is the Hyperdrive Challenge! This is for all you speedsters out there! During this event, all cards that speed up other units will have an energy cost of 1! These cards include Astro Butters, Warboy Tweek, and (of course) Hyperdrive. Make sure to remember to keep cards on hand to counter your opponents’ quick moves! Don’t be left behind in their dust!


    It’s time for the robot queen to return! This weekend’s event will focus on the one and only Robo Bebe! This sci-fi themed event will feature an extra chance to earn not only five extra Robo Bebe cards, but also an extra Sci-Fi epic card! Best of luck to you all!

    This will be a token collection event.

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 50
    3 90
    4 170
    5 260
    6 410
    7 600
    8 925

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    There will be no live stream this week, but don’t worry! We’ll be back again soon to play some matches with you and give out prizes. We miss you all!


    Heads up to all that this season has been extended by one week due to the holidays. Use that extra time to your advantage! The reset will take place on Tuesday, January 8th.

    As usual, we will also be making some balance changes. These changes will include the following:

    • Poseidon Stan and Towelie- slowdown effects improved
    • Hallelujah- base heal will be decreased to 192 from 240
    • Dwarf Engineer Dougie- Arena lock changed to 25 from 15
    • Prophet Dougie- Arena lock changed to 30 from 10
    • Barrel Dougie- Arena lock changed to 40 from 5
    • Powerfist Dougie- Arena lock changed to 35 from 15

    Further changes for the Dougies will also be put into testing as soon as our full team has returned from the holiday break, so please let us know your suggestions for them!

    One last note: We will have an update coming soon that will change the font colour issue of the lime green numbers, so look forward to that shortly. We know this has been heavily requested, but that fix requires a client side update, that's why it hasn't been fixed with one of the normal weekly asset bundles. There will be other bug fixes in the upcoming update, and we’ll know more about which ones closer to its release.

    That’s everything I have in my news bag this week. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know! If you’re waiting on a response to something from over the holidays, please bear with us. We are working our way through them and you should hear back shortly.

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team!
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    Ugh, a token event. At least I'll get Sci fi items. Hopefully your bugs fixed will include mind control not working, massive delays in summoning to the field and hitting the nk with no damage. By all means, make the dougies stronger. I love mind controlling them lol
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    Just a few questions about the update and dont try and ignore me.
    1. Why was there no new dev update last week?
    2. Why is Robo Bebe not in the challenge?
    3. In what way is 5 robo bebes special?
    4. Why has Satan not been nerfed?
    5. In what way is what you've done to Dougie a nerf? Please nerf him to almost his original stats before the buff.
    6. Why is ur staff still on holiday if the holiday is over?
    7.Did you have a good Christmas?
    Please answer all these questions in a clear and truthful manner.
    Thank you.
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    Dougie isn’t getting stronger Mitch, they’re making it so he doesn’t show up for low ranked players anymore until they advance a bit more.
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    Thank you for the long-overdue Hallelujah fix.

    I'm sure the Dougie nerf is called for, but please make it gentle! If the original boost had been gentle, it would've brought him into balance rather than making him OP. Don't swing so far in the other direction that you overnerf him.
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    Could you clarify what does arena lock means?

    Edit: Figured it was PvP arena
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    Originally Posted by atonedeftool Go to original post
    I'm sure the Dougie nerf is called for, but please make it gentle! If the original boost had been gentle, it would've brought him into balance rather than making him OP. Don't swing so far in the other direction that you overnerf him.
    There is no Dougie nerf. For players in legendary, nothing changes and he remains a pest.
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    Challenge rules

    Is it too much to ask that the cards affected by the challenge rules be listed in the challenge description? Everyone obviously assumed RoboBebe would be included since her power is speed-based, and deck choices were affected.
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    So......we have an entire challenge based on 3 cards in one theme????

    Are there actually people working on these ideas? The dougie buff, the common nerf, this challenge. Like, I picture the weekly idea meeting going a little something like this:

    Ok team, good to see everyone made it. If you'll all just take a couple hits from this crack pipe and start spitting out the most ******ed ideas you can come up with, the team will start implementing them right away. Thanks.
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    OP Dougie is good. It allows bad/unleveled/overmatched players to get a bar for their PVP packs against stronger opponents. They usually get crushed after making that play because of the energy spent was not used to defend/protect themselves since dougie is always paired with something else to work. It usually leads to taking a double bar in return.

    Changing the amount of health will not fix Hallelujah. It needs to cost 5 OR have a radius similar to freeze ray. NOT BOTH. Please don't do both and reduce the card to crap like you do with so many other combinations of nerfs to one card.

    Stan of Many Moons needs to charge faster. An opponent can spam a bunch of units and when you call in Stan, they still get plenty of time to save up for a lightning bolt, mind control, or other spell to wipe him before he can even call in his attack. He needs the Marcus charge timing where he gets it before the mind control area. Otherwise he's pretty useless as a card that counters over pushing.

    Satan is a huge problem because he rewards overpushing because he defends too well and always guarantees an energy profit even without a war cry because it takes so long to bring him down. The opponents get their energy value plus more when using him as a defending board wipe and a tank. A level 3 Satan should realistically cost 8 to 10 energy (since he's a Rogue Token and a non headhunting Big Gay Al in one) but then no one would play him, so his health needs to be dropped significantly. Probably by a third. He's so strong people are using Pope Timmy to bring him back even though they know he kills Timmy. That red flag should tell you something!
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