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    Hidden Ones - Aya's outfit - why so extra Ubi?

    Loved the main campaign, and thought the relationship between Bayek and Aya was well done. The facial animation and voice acting for both was great. Aya's outfit looked relatively practical (for a video game) and distinct from Bayek's.

    Started the Hidden Ones DLC and then Aya shows up in Bikini armor

    Anyway, while I know this franchise has a reputation for OTT outfits, it's good to see Odyssey has mostly moved away from this dubious "trend".
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    Are you saying that it is a bad thing or good thing? It is hard to understand your point of view by your comment.
    Personally, I think Aya looked very classy and awesome.
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    Her base outfit was fine. Her outfit in the Hidden Ones looks like it was partly inspired by a Britney Spears video circa 2000. Different strokes for different folks I guess
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    Not much different than Bayek with a towel. lol.
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    Her Outfit in the Hidden Ones is a reference to the outfit she wearing in the Chamber of Assassins Creed II.

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