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    ⚜️ Elite E-Sports - [ ESL Team ] - [ Academy Team ] - [ EU ]

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    I baked you a pie!

    I am Gold 1, Higest rank this seson is plat3. K/d is over 1 and i think my w/l rate is around 1.3
    My discord namn is Lenpad
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    Hop on in to Discord, you will be tested to join the Academy.
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    my kd is 1.7 and w/L is 1

    my discord is felgod360 7267
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    my k/d is 1.0 and my w/l is 1.0

    my discord is N0t A N1nja#6449
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    Join our Discord if you are willing to participate in the recruitment.
    Remember, attendance is important. Otherwise your time in here will not be long.
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    Yeah i noticed
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    Academy team

    Heeyy, im intrested in entering the academy team. I am tight now gold 1 but have been up to plat 2 in a couple of seasons. My kd is 1.2 and w/l in 1.1. My uplay is Wanna.Be. thx <3
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    Make sure to keep your attendance in check. It is vital for your future, if you are to continue with the team.
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    To those members who have been removed. You can try again when you feel that you are ready to join the Academy. Make sure that your attendance is kept in check.
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