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    BUG: Pressing a button often switch off an already pressed button

    So, thread title is confusing but this is what happens:

    1. You press "throttle" and bike accelerates away
    2. While still holding throttle, you press "lean forward" or "lean back"
    Now the throttle cuts out and you have to lift and re-press the throttle control.

    This is the same with all combinations, meaning that if you are for instance to a backwards roll and press the throttle mid air, the "lean backwards" button is "turned off" and so on.

    In short: If you hold down button 1 and press button 2, button one can get switched off

    This does not happen all the time of course, but it is definitely an iOS bug and it affects all devices in various degrees. I can say that with certainty because I started to play this game with iPhone 6 Plus and the problem existed but was not very common. I thought at that time that I must have slipped from the control with my finger. My 6 plus was stolen and I got iPhone 7. Now the problem was very rare, but I did notice it was not a problem with my finger slipping off. Then my iPhone 7 got stolen and I got tired of feeding expensive phones to the pick-pockets so I just baught a iPhone SE.

    With the SE the problem was really exposed, it is very rare that I can do a complete run without something goes wrong. Most annoying of course is when the throttle cuts and you just fall down into an abyss.

    The specs of the SE is enough for this game and I find it amazing that this bug has not been caught.
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    Same here (iPad 2018), hope it gets fixed... literally game breaking
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    Nice to see that I’m not the only one with this problem.
    I’m on a iPhone SE and it feels like the problem is getting worse and worse. To me it feels like the problem is most frequent when riding the Jackal. It was on that bike I noticed it first and some days that bike is almost impossible to ride. It is also common on the HD XG750R.
    I hope it gets fixed soon, because it kind of takes the fun out of the game when the controls aren’t working properly.
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