View Poll Results: Do You Want Beyond Good & Evil 2 To Be Playable Offline?

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  • Yes

    98 69.50%
  • No

    8 5.67%
  • Both

    35 24.82%
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    Play off line

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    Offline Option

    i wish so much to play offline. Mainly because of the fear that one day the servers will no longer be available.
    At least the offline mode should be added afterwards.
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    NO. Everything dies over time also games become obsolete very quickly. Today the Internet is available to everyone everywhere and there is no need for an offline segment especially if BGE2 is going to be an MMO / PvP / CoOp title. Games like Horizon Zero dawn or God of War are fantastic SP games but the replay value after the first completion literally becomes negligible.Even games like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption lose their charm when we discover everything, do everything and We eventually do lose interest when the content of the game is exhausted.This can happen after 20 or 200 hours,irrelevant, but it happens regardless of the quality of the game. If there is no multiplayer, I have no reason to go back. My shelves are full of single player games that I will never turn on again. after a short time
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    This is an Action - Adventure game right?

    This means offline has to be the main focus and you can have a online multiplayer mode option in the start up screen people can go to after they finish the game if they so choose to play multiplayer.

    This would be a massive mistake for it to be online only and will impact a lot of peoples decision to buy this game and if they do and realize what they just bought it will impact the sales going forward.

    As a dev I'd be remised to ignore looking at the current trends as well as the hugely successful Rockstar model of having a Single player offline and an Online Multiplayer mode as well as this very poll.

    Looking at this Poll 95.05% request this game to have To Be Playable Offline, meaning if this is obviously a indication of what the definition of a poll is, I would be in deep serious trouble to ignore it.
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    Yes, but I voted for both, as both would give us players and consumers those options that we always are demanding from the companies that provide us those services and goods. Most importantly, I will always choose to play on the service that provides me the best, smoothest and most flawless experience, along with the most options. This applies to everything in life.
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    Definitely needs to be both.
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    I agree 100 percent with everything this man has said, I mean we've been waiting years for this game, keep it consistent for the fans.
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    I would say definitely both
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    Keep online AWAY from decent singleplayer games.

    Personally, I hate it when a decent singlepllayer game incorporates an arbitrary online system:
    AC with their "revenge kills", Shadow of Mordor with their "revenge kills", Mad Max with their "online scrap collecting", ... Features like that add NOTHING of value to the game. Only distractions that 9 times out of 10 aren't even worth the trouble. It's just something that won't work after a few years, once the servers get shut down.

    Just focus on main core of the game, instead of trying to force "live-service" features into an otherwise decent game. Singleplayer is forever, multiplayer is a wet fart, whose smell might linger for a while, but in the end fades to obscurity.

    Edit: Now I've accidentally picked the wrong option, so you can put one of those "No" answers to the "Yes" side instead. But truthfully, I don't even think you guys are watching these forum posts anymore. I'm not even sure if this game still exists, because it feels like I haven't hard about it in YEARS.
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    Never mind!
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