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    Consistent freezing every 20 seconds!

    Since downloading and playing R6 for about a month, the game has freezed for about 10-20 seconds about once a play session. I assumed it was just a burp in my network since my ping would hit 2000. But as of two days ago, i will connect to a server, be there for about 20 seconds and then the game will freeze for 20 seconds then ill play for 20 seconds then freeze for 20 seconds and so on. The game never crashes just consistently freezes. Leading up to a freeze my GPU will be 100% and my CPU hovers around 70%. Since i do overclock, i thought it could be a bottleneck issue so i reset the performance to no change; still 100% and 70% and freezing. I turned all of the graphics settings down to minimum to no change. All of my drivers are up to date. Here are my specs:

    Ryzen 5 2600
    16 GB DDR4
    GTX 1060 3 GB
    Win 10

    I really want to enjoy this game but in this state, it is unplayable. Any help or suggestions will be deeply appreciated.
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    Hey LettuceWater45! Welcome to the forums

    First of all would you mind trying the steps listed in here? In the meantime, if you could also make a support ticket and include your system information we can look deeper into what's causing this for you!
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