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    Witch Garrison and Imp Tweek are great

    This post is long, I'm going to be discussing simple strategies, synergy, and counters to my two favororite cards. I will not be discussing stats in exact numbers as they're available online at https://www.sppdstats.com/Card-stats/ and this post is long enough, I promise.

    So, as the title suggests, Witch Garrison and Imp Tweek are amazing. Witch Garrison offers a far much more potent slowing effect than Towlie, and attacks rather quickly for a high HP, low ATK fighter. (Not quite as fast as Pocahontas Randy but fast and frequent.)
    He easily shreds through other frequently seen fighters like Space Warrior Token, Program Stan, and even does serious damage to SNR of EQUAL level, not friendly fight standard, granted he gets a predictive slow, and you play something to kill the inevitable assassin spawn. He makes for a very formidable frontline fighter, and his slow AoE means that if they play another fighter or assassin at the wrong time, their DPS will be abysmal opening them up to a retaliatory unit.
    The best part is, like every other targeted AoE spell and Ability, it uses edge-to-edge calculation so the range is longer than it can sometimes appear.

    Units that tend to synergize well with him are heavy hitting ranged units, like Buccaneer Bebe, Amazingly Randy, Blood Elf Bebe, and even Bounty Hunter Kyle. Obviously, Zen Cartman can be quite useful too, keeps as much damage off of him as possible, and pulls aggro from Garrison. Le Bard Jimmy is also a good backup plan if they play Swarms or low HP assassins.

    Counters are of course heavier hitting ranged units with a bulky Frontline or tank, and assassins swarms, big buffs/debuffs, and baiting the slow. Pidgeons are also pretty good at dealing with him since their individual hits still hurt, they attack quickly as a group, and their ranged unit will tend to focus on the bulky thing first.

    Now as for Imp Tweek, his recent buff was much needed and much appreciated in my eyes. A 4 cost flying fighter that guarantees bars if not responded to. The warp, especially first play, offers a mountain of utility and should not be overlooked. Your opponent backloads a tank? Imp Tweek the tank to the centerline and isolate it early or force it to one side. Sudden Dougie has you bothered and you need more time to shut him down reliably? Imp Tweek him far from your New Kid, when he finishes the teleport, he loses his speed boost and moves about as fast as Kenny or Butters. He won't KO the Dougie alone, but he gives a moment of respite that other units can't offer without immediate using a removal spell. Imp Tweek also excells at breaking up an enemy wave, particularly 3-4 unit waves. Whatever you swap with is gone for a few seconds, your units reset their targets if they can. My favorite way to use him is as a game ender. It feels pretty damn good to play Imp Tweek to get rid of a last ditch tank or beefy unit trying to block one or two units from their NK on the last bar. They just used the majority of their energy on defense and it's now halfway across the field in the corner and you've not 1-3 units in their face, and one of them is flying.

    Synergizes well with Instant Removal Spells. If you can swap with an early tank or fighter, and get in their face, you're going to want instant removal to deal with a retaliatory ranged unit ASAP. LB and Fireball work well here too, but HHC is too slow and might not hit the response unit. You'll want to remember to deal with the warped unit as well, you'll be playing to force your opponent to play how you want them to, so strong 1v1 fighters like Program Stan, Dwarf King Clyde, Witch Garrison, and even Inuit Kenny if you have him and want to handle a warped tank quickly without using instant removal spells to do it which cost more.
    He also pairs well with Chicken Coop used as a lure. Many foolish players will play Bebe's when a player opens with Chicken Coop, looking to stack her up into a beast, or making snakes for unending poison. Once Bebe drops in their backline, you Tweek her forward and drop an assassin on her. This forces your opponent to make a choice, lose their +3-5 energy advantage, or lose a bar right there.

    Counters are as mentioned, ranged units, and flying units. Pidgeons are a pain for Imp Tweek, they grind him up almost instantly, however if your opponent has Fireball, Le Bard Jimmy, or Unholy Combustion, your pidgeons are dead, this isn't much of a problem unless the player using Imp Tweek prevents most of the damage perfectly, he can only take 1-3 pidgeon hits before NK zap will guarantee he dies before the bar. Any ranged units will kill Tweek before a bar is taken, this is fact. Even low damage utility ranged units will kill Imp Tweek with relative ease, especially with NK zap involved. Funnily enough, in a pinch, Le Bard Jimmy will pretty quickly ensure the bar won't be lost, as NK zap will quickly kill the now essentially pre-buff Imp Tweek. Towlie and Poseidon Stan are decent indirect counters as well, though Stan needs to be played a little sooner to let him charge. NK zap will usually deal with Tweek before a bar is lost, if he is slowed at all. ATK debuffing from Stan the Great will also kill Tweek from NK zap.
    Overleveled for the rank opponents also automatic counter Imp Tweek solo runs through sheer NK damage haha.

    If you've got higher level Witch Garrisons and Imp Tweeks, I'd love to hear your experiences using them, and if you've not tried these ideas, giving them a shot and reporting results for science haha.
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    I've been using Imp Tweek in my deck for a while now and I've used all the strategies you've described. I especially love using the Dougie play, once you warp him he just casually meanders toward the New Kid and is fairly easy to take out. I also use him with any unit threatening my New Kid, I just play him at the center line and it takes some of the heat off, creating that space gives you some time to more effectively deal with it. Pairing him with my Master Ninjew and Hallelujah after warping him to the opposing New Kid is usually two bars if they don't have an instant removal handy.

    As for Witch Garrison, I definitely see his potential, but haven't used him much. I recently got enough copies to get him to lvl 4, so I may start using him more often if I'm going Mystic/Fantasy. I just don't know if there's really room for another fighter in my deck if I'm already going with lvl 3 WDT, along with lvl 4 SNR and Imp Tweek.
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    I've also used all those Imp Tweek tactics. One of my go to moves is to swap him close to NK while placing the enemy unit in the top-left corner, behind my NK. Then I stick Zen Cartman next to that unit, and let my zapper take it out. Of course, this doesn't work so well against a tank, in which case I'll drop a fighter or an assassin instead, to work with the zapper to remove the tank.

    He also pairs nicely with a Dougie. He might counter Tweek, but it's much harder to counter that 2-pronged attack before losing a bar.
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