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    I am converting .bmp screen shots to .jpg using MIR (Multiple Image Resizer). Got it from Tucows. What is the best pixel height & width to resize for Photobucket? The default resolution is 96 DPI.

    Any suggestions/hints would be appreciated as I am pretty clueless about this stuff.

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    Thanks now I can also convert my pics to jpg using the MIR about you question I usualy dont change the size of the pics only convert them to jpg because they became to small to see so I only change from BMP to JPG I think that dont matter what size is just if is JPG or not so leave that off and make only the convert to JPG that is my suggestion
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    Originally posted by Baldricks_Mate:
    What is the best pixel height & width to resize for Photobucket? The default resolution is 96 DPI.
    I think if you're in the Photobucket album, it tells you that pictures that are over a certain size (listed there), it will be automatically resized.

    I just let it do the resizing, but if you want the large pictures showing up, you could just match the suggested maximum.

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    "Valid file types: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, swf
    Images larger than 250 KB are automatically resized."

    Now, that obviously doesn't answer your question about dimensions, but I have seen some pretty big screen shots here, so I'd imagine it doesn't really hold you to a Height and Width prerequisite, as much as it does file size.

    I hope this helps. If not. . .then. . .hey, how's it goin'? Hope all is well.
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    I use photobucket too...what i do is this...using a windows xp powertoy, i resize pics to 640x480, then convert them to jpg, the last screenshot i posted was immediately only 46k with only a 2 step process...also, making pictures max size isnt a bright idea as it increases the page load time, I got broadband for faster loadups...not an excuse for ppl to make more or increase the size of things ...screenies (not necessarily anyway) not included
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    Ideal image size (IMO) is either 800x600 or 750x563 pxls.

    This reduces the image€s dimensions but leaves them at a large enough size to be viewable including any details.

    Just remember that when Photobucket, for instance, speaks about €˜auto-re-sizing€ it is speaking about bit-size, not pixel-size. What is at €˜stake€ is the forced compression of the image.
    The larger the dimensions (pxl) the more compressed the image will be (bit).

    The effect €" loss of image quality from the forced compression.
    So €" for a decent-sized viewable image which minimizes the amount of €˜forced compression€ €" 800x600 pxls €" or 750x563 pxls, strikes me as ideal.
    Or, as XDRHicks suggests €" 640x480 pxls. Greatest clarity and imagine-fidelity at that size, as it really reduces the forced-compression.

    ~ C.

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    Ahhh...The consensus seems to be clear. Will try it out on some screenies later on tonight after work.

    Its 0825 here now and I'm adrift from my place of duty. (got to go to work)
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    I use Geocities as a host for my images including my signature.
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