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    attila999 for bigbow62

    I soon 54 years ...... pppppfffffff

    I discovered Trials with HD
    Evo has been for me a world open to many creations
    Fusion: I like / I do not like .... but we must recognize that this game has brought a lot of novelty, unfortunately too late ....

    Rising will be a proofreading of Evolution, a new step.

    Beta? I love everything about this new game, everything, everything, everything .....

    I make a request to join the group OTHG
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    bigbow62's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2014
    Thank you Attila !

    Please jump in the club house thread and post a bit about yourself and send me a FR on xbox...... my gt:

    BOWEN BOYS 1 08
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    Jan 2013
    Welcome on board Atilla. I am super pumped for this game. I don’t get pumped for many games so that tells you something!
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