I'd like to agree TheSoulman101 and Sengoku-GOW and I respect anyone else's opinion of how they believe this game will be one day. I also agree with anyone that is not concerned with BGE2 being online. Take a moment, flashback to think about Jade. Did she really like space pirates and outlaws in the first place? She chased looters through dangerous trapped caves that hacked a credit transfer from Jade. Now on a emotional story level, instead of joining pirates, she decides to eliminate them and join the Alpha Sections in doing so. I think we'll hate her so much we'll love her for making our life harder as a space pirate. Granted, Jade worked with some shady characters to get past the Alpha Sections in the first game, but she never liked pirates at all. Online could mean fair play, as well as fair to people that supported the game as the game was released. I still encourage and appreciate the ability to change the entire game with a full in-depth editor. Online can also simply mean... you cannot do live events, gather achievements, and some other things without being online so we cannot jump to a conclusion. Anyway, I am ready to throw down a pre-order and to be patient about this to encourage the developers. The developers need all the encouragement from their fans to put the heart and passion of the series into another game in a whole new perspective.