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    Space Monkey Report #4: VOD & questions answered!

    Hi, Space Monkeys!

    In case you missed it, here's the Space Monkey Report #4 VOD. Also, as promised, we're answering the questions YOU sent us via the hashtag #AskBGE, so make sure to check this article out.

    Comments? Let us know what you think!
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    Is Beyond Good and Evil 2 going to have the release date during the E3 2019? In USA, which American actress is playing the voice of Jade?
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    You totally betray the fans of the first episode, we never asked you an online game like The Division but a single player game AAA action / narrative game!

    The direction that takes the game does not want at all, it should not be called BGE2 because it looks like a spin off more than a real episode!

    Sony has yet understood with its many AAA single player games that correspond to the wait for players!

    Stop turning your licenses into online coop game, players do not want that! (At least not only that!)
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    Daaaaamn online only again becauye "its definitely for the players and not another attempt of the ol onlineDRM masked as GaaS ********"...
    Is there at least any chance for offline play after few years when the servers will be barren land:
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    Well, that's disappointing to say the least. I'll still keep an eye on the game to see how it progresses, but at this point it really doesn't feel like BGE2 is for the fans. I wish I lived in the timeline where it got the same treatment as the new God of War. Not just as a single-player game--I mean taking risks while ultimately remembering its roots (for the most part). It's funny now that I think of it, actually; God of War 2018 reminds me more of Beyond Good & Evil than BGE2 presently does.
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    As a fan of the first game, I'm surely skipping this "sequel".

    People developing this game should play the first one to know WHY WE LOVED IT. Hint: was not because online bs.
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    You said the game would be playable offline: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJzA...tu.be&t=57m27s

    Personally I don't care and I'm not really surprised. I love Ubisoft games, especially The Division and BGaE2 seems to be going a similar direction. However you should address that change so your fans don't feel betrayed.
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    Online only? hahaha way to burn your own game. Well I can see where this is going, skipping this.
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    Always online?....I thought Michel said, in the first podcast/livestream, the game could be played offline? Why the change, or did I mishear?
    This truly breaks my heart. I've been waiting years and playing the same game since the first game came out. Just for this.

    From primarily a single player first game to an (always Online) MMO.
    I hope there is some twist that will still make this work for those of us who don't want to party up with other people.
    I just want to play a tightly developed narrative without other players. At least have the option to without an online connection.

    Companies say you can play their online games by yourself but more often than not the game is far less fun because of it. Either because of enemy balancing or GRIND, etc.
    And I bet if there is large grind for any of the objects, abilities in this game, Ubisoft will have our backs with some helpful and OPTIONAL microtransactions, right?

    I'll still keep an eye on the game, but this is beginning to seem like it won't be what I want for the sequel for such a beloved title.
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    Always online: Horrible mistake, horrible game. You're losing the greatest fans of the franchise by the tens of thousands, and the sole reason for that is greed.

    I'll enjoy the freedom that Jade fought so damn hard for and will not touch this game with a flagpole.
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