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    I have mixed feelings right now.

    on a storytelling side i am still interested in the game. So much. I am longing for some explanations for like 15 Years now.
    They even found a supercool explanation for using the same charactermodels over and over again.

    What i loved about the first game was that you played someone who was special and changed the world.
    I gladly followed, and still do in every replay, Jade on her journey.
    It was not mine story, it was hers.
    But that was for me what made that game so good. In moments Jade was sad , you were touched that she was sad, not because you bonded so much with the other characters. That maybe to.

    What i wanted to say is that i am worried about the narrative of the story. That the mystery part is great but the emotional part of the story is lost, when i am someone i created
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    Some questions I have:

    - Is Michel Ancel still involved with the game's development?
    - What guarantee do we have that you won't just shut down the online servers one if the game doesn't meet sales expectations? We've seen this happen to plenty of other online-only games.
    - Given how the game appears to follow the trend of GaaS, will you be adding micro-transactions? And if so, will the base game be free-to-play?
    - Is the name Good & Evil 2 final? It's not a sequel and the more we hear about the game, the more it feels like it could use a different subtitle. I doubt the game can offer the single-player experience that we've seen from the first game but labeling it as a sequel means you create that expectation. Beyond Good & Evil Online would be more fitting at this point.
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    You guys need to be more appreciate of the fact since the first one was a flop lucky there making this one why be so upset that it not exactly how you’d like the game to be made like lmao personally I like this game and excited to play
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    Originally Posted by lSkillsx Go to original post
    You guys need to be more appreciate of the fact since the first one was a flop lucky there making this one why be so upset that it not exactly how you’d like the game to be made like lmao personally I like this game and excited to play
    Ever read or heard of the Monkey's Paw (how fitting, by the way)? That's how the people complaining feel. There's no point in wanting BGE2 now if it's so indistinguishable from the original game we adore to begin with, and even the scarce pre-E3 2017 promotional and leaked material--when BGE2 was a sequel, not a prequel. If the choice is to get spit in my face or have the spit never exist, I'll always choose the latter.

    This whole thing is reminding me of Mafia 3. The creators wanted to take the game in a very different direction, but that meant abandoning what people loved. They rolled the dice and it didn't work, plus the core game was mediocre. Including the protagonist of Mafia 2 as seemingly forced fan service didn't make it any less disappointing.

    Scenarios where creators pleasantly surprise the audience with something they didn't know they want are great, of course. But that's far from an easy goal when it comes to video games. Especially followups to games that are fifteen years old.
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    Originally Posted by koopaskull Go to original post
    You totally betray the fans of the first episode, we never asked you an online game like The Division but a single player game AAA action / narrative game!

    The direction that takes the game does not want at all, it should not be called BGE2 because it looks like a spin off more than a real episode!

    Sony has yet understood with its many AAA single player games that correspond to the wait for players!

    Stop turning your licenses into online coop game, players do not want that! (At least not only that!)
    I'm totally disappointed too, we must share this article on every platform and let Ubisoft know one simple thing.....this isn't the game they ve promised us, that we fans don't want it and we'll never buy a clone of Destiny or The Division.

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    Beyond Good & Evil 2 = Destiny?

    The more I learn about the game, the less I wait for it. I accepted that this is a prequel. But now the game turns into an MMO like Destiny. This is not what fans of the original want.
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    People are assuming this is an mmo because of the always online thing and I don't think that is the case. Ghost Recon: Wildlands I'm pretty sure was online only but you could play that solo or co-op in fact I believe you could set it to invite only which I'm assuming will be one of the features this game will have.

    I wouldn't look too much into the online thing until they say otherwise because as far as I have seen MMO have not been mentioned anywhere and the verbal language used in any of the blogs or stage show has always been co-op. Maybe there will be some competitive modes but probably seperate from the campaign mode similar to what again ghost recon had.

    Most likely there will also be a limit to how many can co-op in a session as I know in GR the limit was 4 people at a time and with the rich story and big open universe I'm assuming they will not want 50 players running round in one session especially if there is a lot of npc traffic and npc on foot be it background npc or quest givers.
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    Me and many others would strongly disagree on Mafia 3, I actually think it's the best game in the series so far. In Mafia 2 the open world felt like a waste of time and development money since there was zero incentive to explore it(besides collecting magazines, L.A. Noire had similar issues) in Mafia 3 there was actually way more to do and the open world actually felt alive and interesting, including Vito did not feel like "forced fan service" to me at all.

    That being said everything i've heard about BGE2 has lowered my interest more and more.
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    Yeah if it's like Wildlands(which was one of my favorite games of 2017) then that's fine, but it it's like the complete ****-show that was Fallout 76 then count me out.
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    I'm going to be the bad guy here, I never played the first one, but I am glad it is going MP. I was thinking have both single and co-op. So if the vets want it to be single player put it on invite only since its going to be always online. I'm sorry the Devs. can't please everyone.. I can't wait for this and I will pre-order it when they put it on the stores.
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